4 days to Christmas

Yay…4 more days to go and it’s Christmas! I think I’m done with my Christmas shopping. Got everyone on the list their gift ready. Only a few more left to wrap and it’s off they go to sit under the Christmas tree. :)

Vanessa’s was so excited to wear her new top and skirt. The first time she tried them on; she was already smitten with them. She refused to take them off. Pphew…after much negotiation she finally agreed to take them off and have them washed. Speaking of new clothing…I just realize that I have forgotten to buy one for myself! Even hubby has his shirt ready awal-awal lagi. Normally, it was him who’d look for his shirt at the last minute. ....

Gee, looks like I am not done with Christmas shopping after all ..need to do a very last minute shopping ni… What about you people? Everything ready? ;)


Hey Mia, you are not alone here. Sia pun belum beli baju xmas sia. Priority to kids dulu bah. ^_6

Hi Mia...sa lagi la teda shopping for christmas sbb sambut di kl...ehehhe, merry christmas!

Yeah.. another 4 days and so much to be done.. time seems to fly in december...

merry christmas & happy new year to you mama mia~! bestnya sudah siap shopping ;)

Mine was simple 'coz I just bought Xmas presents to my nieces & nephews. Oh I need to crack my brain juice too when shopping for it! hehehe...

Wyne ~ :) pelan2 la mencari baju ni..klu tida pun, recycle saja baju lama mangkali ni..

Memeljoan ~ Hi Mel, sia nda banyak bah shoppng. Beli prezen utk anak sama anak2 buah saja ni..

reanaclaire ~ yes, time really fly..few more days and we are in 2010 already..

AnnieMing ~ Merry Christmas & happy new year to you too,Annie.Tinggal mau cari baju utk diri sendiri lagi ni..hehe..

Dora ~ haha..finding the right presents for kids is not an easy task o..me too have to crack my brain on them..hopefully, they will like what we got for them..

I've done all the shopping thingy and now I'm broke..hehhee..anyway Mery Xmas to you and family..

I bought lotsssss of stuffs (konon) for my family, but forgot to get one for myself! Apa nie!! Hahaha
Anyway..Merry Christmas to you and your family Mia.. :)

CAB ~ merry Christmas to you and family too,Alv..

KaDusMama ~ ya bah Ty..time p keluar shopping, sia kasi duluan kunun utk anak, nephew & nieces etc..last2 bila suda pokai teda suda duit utk beli baju sendiri..hahaha...mau recycle baju lama la nampaknya ni..Merry Xmas to you & family also,Ty...

Hahhaha.. gitu la ba tu Mia. Mmg utk diri sendiri pnya yg terlupa sbb sibuk mau fikir utk urg. Sempat lg ba p bili ni ptg kan?? Heheheh...

hehe..Just, suda sia pigi bili semalam..after work trus sia pigi mencari..nasib baik jumpa juga baju yg berkenan di hati..