After Christmas

Christmas is over. But many of us are still in holiday mood. Still longing to stay at home or doing activities with our loved ones, no? *sigh* Physically, I am back in the office since yesterday, but my mind is somewhere else…hahaha…Good thing that I have a handful of work to be done. That will keep me occupied. When we are excitedly anticipating for something, in this case, the New Year holiday; the time just seem to pass at a snail’s pace…LOL

At first, I meant to post about my Christmas celebration but since I haven’t downloaded the photos from my camera, I’ll post about it some other time. It will be more interesting with pictures. :)

Anyway, did you get the gift that you wish for? I hope you did. As for me, being a grown-up and a mother, I don’t really expect to receive gifts anymore. Well, except from hubby..hehe…Talking about wish and gift, my SIL is probably the happiest person in the world. She finally got what she wishes for – her own Notebook! She has been longing for one since months ago. Never failed to remind MIL about it..hehe.. Well, a notebook is not cheap, so I know; MIL had been asking her to be patient all these while. But since SIL is taking the IT subject next year, and having her own Notebook will help her a lot, MIL has no more reason to procrastinate. :) Eventually, before Christmas, hubby and siblings decided to chip in some money and voila! SIL wish was granted. She is now the proud owner of this HP Compaq Notebook!

*Pardon the poor quality of the photo, ya. I snapped it with my handphone camera. :)

When she saw it for the first time, she was beaming from ear to ear, eyes sparkling with excitement. I was surprised that she didn’t jump up and down…hahaha…Anyway, I am happy for her. Hopefully, she will take good care of the machine and excel in her SPM next year. Hmm…suddenly I want to buy one for myself also…hahhaha…


OMG everyone got new lappy except me T_T

now my son is back, he will take back the laptop and i will use the desktop one.. yes, i also would love to have a laptop one day.. easier.. can take it anywhere..

My Christmas Gift?...errr...small keychain with the word 'Peace' on it. Simple but meaningful. Hehehe...

Agreed with you, sejak jadi mother, krismas prezen tu memang jarang kita mengharap bah. Let the kids yang enjoy! Cool Mama!

Hey, Happy New 2010, Mia!

maslight ~ yes, everyone except you & me... me lagi kesian, teda laptop ni..

reanacliare ~ you know what,claire, let's make it our 2010 resolution - get one for ourselves..hehe..

Wyne Ren ~ never mind la kan, big or small the gift, terima saja..

yes, the kids are the priority..if they are happy, we are happy too. :)

wowee mesti seronok dapat hp tu..
pe lagi beli tuk diri sendiri plak =)

nurhayati ~ ye, memang gumbira sakan my SIL. laptop utk diri sendiri? one of my new yr resolution ni...haha...

Mama Mia, wishing you and your family member have a wonderful year in 2010!

Dropping by and wishing you and family a Happy New Year:)

Wah, bestnya your SIL. My gifts simple2 ja, but OK la coz suma barang2 yang boleh diguna. ;-)

Jess & Denesa ~ Happy new year to you & family too.

ChocMintGirl ~ ya bah..kesiokkan bah tu dia. I just hope she doesn't spend too much time on FB & negelect her study.

My notebook!! hahaha!! Same model.

It will be great to watch Mamma Mia!, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.