MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest

I’m in for another contest. The last monthly contest for year 2009 from MomBloggersPlanet. This month’s theme is “Cutest Baby Smiling”. :) The prizes are generously sponsored by PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders. For further info, feel free to visit the contest page by clicking on the “MomBloggersPlanet” text above.

Here’s my entry for daughter, Vanessa Avery, DOB : 05 Oct 2007.

Picture #1 was taken last January during the First Day of Chinese New Year. Vanessa at 15 months, was fully dressed in her sam fu and her sweetest smile.

Picture#2 was taken when she was 21 months. After seeing her Mama (Grandma) weighs a live chicken she wanted to sit on the scale too. I find this picture funny…hehe..

Okay, as a parent, I love to see my own flesh and blood smiling because it shows that she is happy. Her smiling face never failed to brighten-up my gloomy days. It makes me forget my weariness and the tension at work. But above it all, I love to see my baby smiling… simply because… it is therapeutic… :)


Love the pictures, she so cute. Anyway, good luck will vote for her (^_*).

Mia, sia paling suka c Vanessa duduk atas timbangan tu...hahahaahah...punya cute!!!

Your Vanessa easy to smile oh...bestnya, nda paya susah2 suru senyum...^_^

Awww I like that shot of her on that scale thing LOL XD so cute, and she's all excited ;)

Yes, you are happy and proud parent when you know your kids are happy. :)

SJB ~ hehe..too bad there's no voting for this will be determined by the judge :)

Wyne ~ hihi..kesiokan bah dia duduk atas timbangan tu..She is such an angel when she's in a good mood,tapi bila bad mood...pengsan mau layan dia ni. :)

maslight ~ yup, she's so excited sitting on the scale..

Rose ~ yes, i agree Rose.

Unduiii... comel betul dia d atas tu timbangan... Hahaah..

Macam2 ba pe'el budak2 ni kan Mia. My Rayyan pun gitu jg. Bila dia dia good mood, siok la. Tp bila dia bad mood, mmg panat mau layan!

Good luck kio..

Ya bah, tidak ada tempat untuk voting hehehe.

Just ~ sampai skrg dia masih suka tu naik timbangan. hehe..bersedia saja la ko,Just..mental & fizikal utk melayan karenah si Rayyan yg makin membesar tu.

Thank you. Saja2 bah ni try nasib :)

SJB ~ hehe..

gal on weighing scale so cute

A smile from SJ =)

The contest has started? Mine will be in soon and I love the 2nd picture too cute and sweet. :)

Vunhome~ yes..ends on 15th :)

Hahaa, punya men kiut dia duduk sana scale, Mia! :) Gerigitan sya nampak. :) All the best to you and Vanessa, k! :)

ChocMintGirl ~ Tq, Crystal! :)

Little Vanessa's smile is real sweet... I hope she can be one of the winners! Good Luck!