Hospital / MLM

I took the day off on last Monday to bring Mom to her annual review at the QEH Eye Clinic. Basically, the visit was same as last year’s. For the 5 hours spent, the consultation with the medical officer and doctor took only 30 minutes. The rest were spent waiting, waiting and more waiting. But because of the free consultation and medication, patients are willing to endure such long wait. Just like what the Chinese aunty sitting beside us said, if she goes to private clinic, it will cost her about RM700 for her monthly supply of medication alone, so the long wait that she has to go through every month at the government clinic is such a small price to pay. True. Can’t argue about that..hehe..

Alright, have you ever heard about MLM? Multi-Level Marketing. Very popular these days. There are many companies out there doing this and I actually have friends that are actively involved in MLM. :) That’s another story.

Okay, believe or not, the medical officer who performed the eye-sight check on Mom actually tried to drag me into joining this MLM scheme. Yup, he was on duty at the time and yet he had the nerve to do his personal business! I was caught by surprise! At first, I thought he was only trying to make small talk, being friendly by asking where I work, what I do…but when he started asking if my salary is enough or not, I become suspicious. He must have sensed my suspicion that he quickly ask if I would like to earn part-time income, all legal and halal, through Hai-O Marketing MLM scheme. Ah-ha, that’s the reason behind all the friendly talk and smile…want to sweet-talk me into joining this MLM pulak

According to him, he had earn RM8,000 for only 3 months of joining it. Wow..that’s a lot of money! But I am just plain lazy to approach others. Let alone do all the talking, convincing them to become my down line. Nope, I don’t think so. I politely decline his offer to further discuss the scheme some other time. He even offered to call me when there’s a talk/seminar on Hai-O MLM near my area…lol. Thank you very much, mister..but like I said, I am not into this MLM or direct-selling sort of thingy. And if you guys are wondering, I did not give out my phone!

I was really thankful when another medical officer came in and eventually, Mr MLM had to stop his campaign. He wouldn’t want to be reported for misconduct, would he? :)


sa pun doesnt really into this MLM thingy. i mean. some of them really work out well but, for now, it isnt just my thang. maybe in my later years kali...

ya bah kan..perhaps,someday terbuka hati kita mau join kan..:)

I tried before.. but penat lah... hahahha... now so phobia with MLM or dirct selling... I knw how it feels already.. hahaha

This is not the 1st time I heard Medical personnel doing personal business during duties...

However, no interest with this kind of thing. And bagus lah, you don't leave yr phone no...

Aiks, pok silap lagi dia! Kalo ko kenal lama suda nda apa la kan, ini out of the blue kasi promote dia punya MLM business macam bikin panas pulak. One of my friends mo introduce pasal ni, see how it goes. ;)

What a nuisance...haha. I'm the quiet type..MLM is not my thing too. :P

MLM is so common, everyone is doing it!!! I myself also into MLM but not an agressive type :p

Cath J ~ yes, MLM needs hardwork..a lot of it..otherwise, mcm mana mau maju kan..

Wyne ~ oh far, teda yg kena tindakan ka? I'm not interested, so why waste my time and his time? i won't give my phone no easily, furthermore to stranger i hardly know..

ChocMintGirl ~ ya bah Crys, sambil menyelam minum air urang bilang..if u are interested in MLM, why not give it a try? sia tinguk ramai juga yg doing well..

MummyGwen ~ hehe..same here.

Rose ~ er, not me la, Rose...hihi..I hate those pushy type. When you say you're not interested, they still insist to try..doesn't seem to understand the meaning of 'not interested'... :)

Hi mama mia,

me too not realy believe in MLM. I think some of it true..but need a lot of efforts to make it work.. However, my brother join one of this website called jutawanklik last week. Dunno if its ok or not..they said he will get back his investment money which is RM100 within 3 days. But so far he inform me he only got RM15 credited in his account. Have u heard about this before?. I told my brother if, he realy got RM1000 in 1 month then I join hehehhe..

Anyway, Merry Christamas and Happy New year to you and family..

First time pulak sia dgr MO approach patient dia psl MLM ni. So desperate jg tu kan.. yayy!!

I think only 1/10 yg involve dlm ni MLM. Those yg aggresive la. Not me of coz.. Hehehe..

Nora ~ yes, MLM depends a lot on one's effort. More effort, more income and vice versa.

Nope, this is my 1st time hear about jutawanklik.Good luck to your bro, Nora.

Happy holiday and happy new year to you and family, Nora. :)

Just ~ haha..ya lor..terkejut beruk bah sia, Just. But mcm si Chegu Carol bilang, maybe in later years timbul minat...hehe..