I don’t want to friend you anymore,PayingPost!!!

Yesterday was supposed to be a happy day for me. As early as 5am, I received an e-mail saying that I am qualified to take an Opportunity (Opp) and an hour later, I managed to reserve the Opp. Yay! I was so happy about it even though I hadn’t type a word pun for the post…hahaha….

At noon, I decided to drop by my Page…still in happy, happy mood. Huh?? Why take so long to load? Normally, it’s not like that. When finally it was about to load…poof!! Where did my Page go? I was staring into a blank page! Waaa…must be something wrong! I counter check with Just and she confirmed my fear. How can this happen? The day before, everything was fine. Then why suddenly like this? Could it be that some mean soul out there hacked this humble and unpopular blog of mine? I remembered a fellow blogger whose blog was hacked by someone few months ago…Waa…a lot of scary thoughts came across my mind at the time.

I immediately search on the web…checking at forums on similar issue. But because I was already at the office then, it was inconvenient for me to continue my search. Besides, I got an Opp to complete! Fortunately, I can still post an entry even though I can’t see my blog. Hehe..I published yesterday’s entry without being able to see how it actually looked like on my blog..main hentam-hentam saja bah.

My blog being ‘missing’ really affected me. I couldn’t concentrate on work, had no mood to attend small talk etc, etc..Just before I left for home, I send a ticket to Google Help and went home feeling frustrated. I had difficulty sleeping. I guess, my blog has become a major part of me. Can’t live without my blog already!

This morning, as soon as I opened my mail, my question on Google Help was answered. DarkUFO suggested me to edit the HTML code and resave my template again. It was then that I noticed the PayingPost code. I didn’t really know that it was the culprit. I just had a strong feeling that I should remove them and resave my template. And then…Hooray! Yippey! *dance* I can see my blog. My blog is working normally! Thank you very much DarkUFO for your advice. :)

Cilaka punya PayingPost code!!! You had caused me and other fellow bloggers (I later found that I am not the only one affected) major grieves. I don’t want to ‘friend’ you anymore PayingPost! Fellow bloggers, should you encounter similar problem, GET RID OF THE PAYINGPOST CODE IMMEDIATELY and your blog should be working fine again.

Oh ya, I’m glad that yesterday’s post turns out well. Phew! *happy again*


Patutlah, i try open your blog yesterday, tapi tidak boleh buka. Kali mahu 2 jam gitu loading saja. I fikir lama juga mahu loading. Rupa rupanya ada masalah pulak (*_*). Well, I'm glade everything ok (^_*).

Ohhh... no wonder la a couple of my blogger friends pun nda dapat masuk their blogs, ish ish! Ko pun kena juga pulak. I think lama suda sya get rid of itu PP punya code. Scam bah tu kan?? Tapi funny pula ko post blank2 pun dapat jugak hehehee...

SJB ~ itu la bah, bikin panas betul!!

ChocMintGirl ~ sedih oh tidak dapat masuk blog sendiri..huhu..Sia pun sure yg sia suda buang bah tu code dulu, tapi ntah masi ada saki baki yg tertinggal mangkali.Harap2 ni kejadian nda berulang lagi! Panas butul sia sama tu PP!!!
Pasal tu post, lepas sia tingu dlm preview mcm semua ok..sia publish saja dgn harapan dpt post..hehe..

lol..your title is a cliche statement among kids

A smile from SJ =)

I love Dark UFOs Lost site. I think it is the best. Had no idea he was a techie too!

Same problem with mine. My blogger friend told me that she was having problems with my blog's redirecting to a blank page. She mentioned about Payingpost. So I checked my two blogs that are members there. Truly they are redirecting to a blank page when I tried viewing them. So I checked and tried removing Payingpost's scripts and voila! My blogs are back!


SJ ~ hahaha...

Marybeth ~ hi. i've never visited his site. i will definitely go there to see for myself. Thank you for visiting here,Matrybeth. :)

Marly ~ hello, Marly. Glad that our problem are solved..and we can blog as usual. :) Thank you for visiting, Marly.

Me too experienced the same problem. Stupid Paying Post. I thought my blog kena hacked too.

I should put my Social Spark codes back hehe...coz I've removed the codes too (to be on the safe side).

Mummy Gwen,the stupid PayingPost really scare the hell out of me!!!

Hehe... you should put SS codes back. Hopefully, SS won't cause any problem in future. :)

o my goodnes,, what is this paying post all about? im in the dark @ sakai. somebody please bring me to light..

Hi Nc, have u heard of paid post? Its where u get paid for posting about a company or product. Well,Payingpost is one of the marketplace.