Mind your language

When I came home from work, I was greeted cheerfully by my little girl at the door. She even offered to carry my bag…hehe..Secara automatic, hilang trus segala penat selepas seharian bekerja…

After I had my bath and dinner, like usual, watch the news, Buletin Utama. All of a sudden, my little girl started to chant, “Anak Mia! Anak Mia! (Mia - yours truly’s, daughter)” over and over again. OMG. I looked at her wide-eyed, speechless…Since my attempt to stop her was fruitless; I tried to change the sentence to “Anak Mummy! (Mummy’s girl)”, but also in vain. So, I ignored her chant and pretended not to hear it, eventually she got bored and stopped on her own…because tida kena layan. :)

When I asked Mom about it, she said my helper took her for a morning walk and they met an aunty who asked my helper’s the question, “Anak si Mia ka ni? (Is this Mia’s girl?)” Somehow, Vanessa find it amusing that she quickly pick up the key words, and started chanting away. Not that my helper and Mom didn’t try to stop her. She would repeat them whenever she feels like it….*sigh* This morning, I didn’t hear her chanting. I sure hope that she had forgotten them. Keeping my fingers crossed…hehe…

At this age, kids are very sensitive to audio-visual experience. They are sure to copy anything they hear or see, be it something good or the opposite. Therefore, all at home are trying our best to filter our language. No swear words or bad words are permitted in the little girl’s presence. But the tricky part is to get my neighbour’s kids to comply with it. Every now and then, I heard them saying lines like, “Buduh bah kau! (You’re stupid!); Kau gila! (You’re crazy!) I know, they don’t really mean those words but, how do you like it if your kids say those line to your face? Or worse, says those words to other ppl in public?! *slap forehead* Other ppl may not be that understanding, they might get offended by it.

I remembered an ex-colleague's son's remark on another colleague's bald head. The kid just walk up to the guy and cheerfully said, "Hey Uncle, how come you have no hairs on your head like evrybody else?" The Uncle, smiled and politely said, "Why don't you go ask your dad about that?" When the kid left, the Uncle confessed that he feels like strangling the boy right there! LOL. Oh, the boy never came back to the Uncle, so we never knew what his dad told him. The parents must have scolded him about his offensive remark.LOL.


HAHAHHAAHAA...ANAK MIA!!! lucu nya si van nie..
Memang mau kena jaga words depan anak nie..dulu Si Isaac panggil my husband baby, ikut2 sia...hahaha sampai skrg kalau laki sia nda mau dengar dorang (isaac and inesha) pandai lah dorang tu panggil Babyyyy..HAHAHAHA

haha pandai jg tu uncle 'balas dendam' kan,mesti kena sound kaw2 the kid.

Hahahaha.. funny too. But true, kids now very easy to get influenze especially in language thingy. I remember one of friend son. He not even know what kind of language he talk..all 'rojak' coz his mum speak english to him, his dad speak chinese, grandma and grandpa speak dusun while amah speak broken malay hehehee...

KaDusMama ~ hahaha..lucu! Sdg berusaha la ni menapis perkataan. Ada 1x, mama sia tercakap nama tu 1 aunty di kampung depan si Van, trus kana ulang2 sebut bah..hehe nasib tu aunty tida dingar..:D

Mell_f ~ tu uncle kegeraman suda tu. Mmg tu budak kana sound la mangkali tu abis nda lg dia datang balik..hehe..

CAB ~ Alv,my girl's language pun 'rojak'..kadazan/malay/english/some chinese. As long as she doesnt mix all the language in one sentence suda la...hehe..

My 5 yrs old nephew after being scolded by his mother - Nah, Daddy tinguk mummy...tau beranak saja!!!

My bestfriend 6yrs old daughter approached someone that she don't know langsung - Amoi, napa ko gumuk oh?!!!

Fuh!..your Van is much better! LOL...

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at this age, apa2 pun durang can absorb. hehehe

ada one time i was watching this comedy film and unconsciously blurted out the word 'buds' short for buduh and kept repeating it whenever there was a funny scene...my niece who was also nearby got heard of it. then one day, while she was watching her cartoon and a funny scene was on, she blurted out the word 'buds' and start laughing....aduiiii, she copied everything i did bah...terpaksa kasi explained to her that she shouldnt copy what i've said....adehhh

lol! mcm sia tau jak ur neighbour's kids nie ;) haha!btw,nie kali c ken-ken(uncle obot's) tu yg men-destroyed our fence. hehe!

Sia pikir kan Mia c Van2 ada special celebration utk belated bday mumy dia. Heheheheh... Rupanya copy apa yg dia dgr pulak. Hahahaha...

Adoii... tu budak! Laser jg mulut dia. Kesian tu uncle botak. Kakakaa.. Tp kan, I cant imagine mcmana muka sia kalau anak sia yg buat mcm tu dpn sia! *faint*

MOB ~ wahahaha..dulu my 8yrs old nephew pandai2 p tny tu stranger sana tamu, "uncle, ko Mr Os ka?' bcos tu urg pny gigi mcm Mr Os bah!LOL

voiceofbragg ~ Thx for the info. will visit your site soonest :)

cheguCarol ~ ya bah, cepat butul budak2 ni pick-up apa yg urg besar cakap. part yg mo explain2 tu bah yg susah..

MissMathew ~ hehe...now i know, ken-ken pulak gia nama tu anjing..:D

Just ~ haha..smlm tetiba si Van ulang lg balik..sia ingat dia lupa suda..adei!!

Ya,dgm muka yg selamba lagi dia p approach tu uncle botak tu. sia pun takut bah kalu anak sia suka2 p komen/tny org pasal benda2 sensitif begitu..:)

kids are like vacuum.. cheh,perumpamaan tu.. :)

halala.. yes we really need to watch our language.. but itu cerita lucu2 oh.. ketawa2 sa baca nih.. haha.. really made ma day.. ^_^

Yes, kids will emulate their parents and their frens especially. My youngest tu vocab dia memang bukan main lagi.

Sia paling inda suka bila dia pakai swear words becos of his school mates punya influence :( But sometimes dia inda paham maksud the words... terikut-ikut.

Carmelliny ~ ya, betul. Kids are like vacuum. Pandai ko buat perumpamaan Carmel, original ni!

AnnieMing ~ ini la, klau bercakap dpn budak msiti mo bertapis.tp kdg2 tu tercakap bah..hehe..

Nessa ~ ya bah kan, kalau kwn2 cakap yg bukan2, laju tu kana copycat. infulence dr luar ni bah yg susah mo control...

The fella should have told the kid that he was growing taller...and growing through his hair...and one day, the boy would experience the same thing too... Then, there would be one confused boy waiting all his life to go bald! HAHAHAHAHA!!!