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During our (hubby, Vanessa & I) last visit to my in-laws, MIL and SIL was happily sharing their experiences and photos of their July trip to Bandung and Jakarta. Even in the midst of the A(H1N1) scare, they decided to proceed with their planned trip. I thought they were going to cancel the trip, but I thought wrong. Fortunately, they came home A-ok. They went there in a group of 12, including 2 kids. Am I being envious? No. Okay, fine, maybe I am a little envious. *wink*

Hmm, all their stories made me wonder “When can I go travel out of the country?” Been asking myself this same old question for 3 years now. When I went to do my passport 3 years back, I was thinking to go to Bali. Sort of like honeymoon trip la bah konon. But, obviously, that didn’t happen. *sigh* 2 more years to go, my passport will expires without being used once. *Face palms* pathetic.

Hopefully, this A(H1N1) flu pandemic will be over next year. Ya, ya…I think I’ll better rasmi my passport before baby #2 comes along. LOL. Let’s see. I have ditched the thought of going to Bali. I have a new destination in mind. *smile* Cambodia. Yup,I would very much like to visit this Indo-Chinese country to witness in awe the magnificent temple ruins at Angkor. Established as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1992. One of man’s greatest architectural achievement! Enjoy boat-cruising on Tonle Sap (Great Lake), one of the world largest freshwater lakes.

Sigh...Since it is not safe to travel abroad now, I’ll start with daydreaming about this future trip first. LOL.


My in-laws too are now enjoying their vietnam vacay despite the H1N1 scare.

Sia punya passport ni thn pun teda kena guna pigi mana2. But im crossing my fingers for CNY next yr. Family vacation!

Go with your dream Mama! Grab it!...

bukan daydreaming bh that..planning..hehe..

Chegu Carol ~ wah, pigi mana tu Carol? hehe...

MOB ~ ya, Mouren i really, really want to grab it tapi pa mcm ni..tangan pendek, susah mo tangkap ..hehe...

Carmelliny ~ thx,Carmel...hehe..

I also need a vacation badly la.

Day dreaming pun ok, what ... hehehe ...

me too, i have been wanting to go out of the country for vacations tapi nda kesampaian hajat tu sebab teda passport.. masa pun teda.. adeh.. xpa la, mimpi2 la dulu.. nanti sampai masa jadi kenyataan juga tu.. :P

Wait no more. GO GO GO. :)

I never been to Siem Reap but I went to Jakarta and Bandung. Hmm last year ka tu *think. Anyways, planning to go back again. Shopping is crazy! I need to bring more cash that's for sure.

Hi mama mia,

Me to add cambodia in my list. But dunno when can go la.. due to this H1N1. But suprisingly, most of my friends went ovreseas during this time but come back OK. I guess semua bergantung pada nasib bah tu kan.

Anyway, not dreaming, but planning. If we plan, everything will be easy hehe..

NickPhillips ~ hehe..daydream pun ok some more.

MaduBeracun ~ :p harap2 jadi kenyataan la ni mimpi..

MummyGwen ~ if not for the H1N1 scare, i probably go alredy...:)

maslight ~ kalu perempuan, mmg shopping sj la. my in-laws went there with a bag each, came back 2 extra bags..LOL!

Nora ~ ya lor, Nora...harap2 tercapai la hajat sia ni.. hehe..

I think by next yr sia pun misti mau ada passport sdh ni. Mau jln2 p jakarta/bandung/bali... heheh..

Sama2 la kita bermimpi2 Mia. Moga2, mimpi jd kenyataan. Hehehe.. :D

I've planne to visit Cambodia next year.. see how is it..hehehe

eeeeeeeeeeee....jan lah dulu jalan
bahayaaaa...sia nie pun takut2 mau p shopping complex..

Haiyah, itu macam kah? uh uh sumunie pun frust ni mama mia coz the trip to China which scheduled on 25/8 to 31/8/2009 ( 7 days) was cancelled due to H1N1. Sepatutnya saat ini sumunie di China ni:<.Sumunie butul2 kecewa ni.I hope that the H1N1 will be okay soon. macam rindu sudah mau pigi jalan2 tempat orang.

Sia pun ada ura2 mo visit Bali, Cambodia and Vietnam, macam eksotik ba these places kan. Tapi bila, sia pun inda tau... Malaysia pun sia blum round lagi :(

Teringin mo melawat Kelantan sama Trengganu ni.

Just ~ yes, Just! Mau juga merasa pa mcm di negara urang kan..:)

CAB ~ bah, harap2 jadi la plan kita mo p sana

KaDusMama ~ mmg sia takut pun..sia pun mcm laamaaa suda tida p shopping complex, Ty

DL Sumunie ~ mmg frust la trip kana cancel tp look at the bright side la urang bilang,time2 H1N1 ni mmg not advisable to go travelling..:)

My passport expired sudah, but ada kena guna juga la he he... itupun first 2 years lepas tu ampai2. Sya belum renew lagi coz time mo traveling nanti barula, takut sayang kan. Bah, dun worry, if ada hajat, gerenti jadi tu, tapi biar tu H1N1 reda dulu especially yang mo pigi overseas ni.

Dont worry dear...the time will come along and you will find yourself indulged in the fun vacation soon....

Happy days ahead bah...

ChocMintGirl ~ hopefully, tercapai la hajat di hati..hehe...kalau nda, rugi ja buat pasport...

UmmiRosma ~ thx for the words of support... :)