Alternative to Astro?

Last night, Vanessa dozed-off as early as 8.00pm. I thought, ‘Now, I can watch some movie on on the movie channel.’ Normally, she would stay-up until 10.30pm. By that time, me myself is sleepy already. Unfortunately, none of the movies shown really interest me. *sigh* I flipped through the Astro Guide to see what Astro have to offer to their valuable customers this month.

Now, wait a minute. Not that movie again? That movie = Georgia Rule. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice movie, really. But watching it all over again?? I don’t think so. I’m very sure that it was shown in HBO a few months back.

When you’re in this situation, you can’t help but wish that we have another choice of satellite TV besides Astro. Direct TV, perhaps. Yeah, that would be nice. Direct TV offers 6 awesome packages to suit everyone’s need – Premier, Plus HD DVR, Plus DVR, Choice Xtra, Choice and Family Package. The number of channel included in these package ranges from 45 to 265 channels. Hmm…since we are unlikely to get it here in Malaysia, then we can just day-dream of about it. *smile*

If I happen to live in the States, I would definitely ditch the cable TV and go for Direct TV instead. As consumers, we want more value for our money, optimal satisfaction on every dime that we spent. In other words, more channel to choose with crystal-clear, 100% digital quality picture and sounds. *smile*

Unlike cable, Direct Satellite TV guaranties the line to be clear 24/7. Even if a tree fell on a utility pole, we can still watch our favourite shows without interruption. Well, except for the cable-subscriber next door that may come knocking at your door, begging you to let him watch the not-to-be-missed game on your amazing digital Direct TV satellite…*smile*

Okay, if you are always on the go because of work commitment that you always miss your favourite shows, then the Plus DVR package is what you need. With DVR service, you can pause, rewind live TV shows, and even record a season of your favourite shows with only a press on a button and save a lot of time in programming. No discs or tapes needed! Yup, just as simple as that and you are able to enjoy the best of television at your convenient.

Poof! End of day-dream; back to reality. *sigh* We, in Malaysia just have to accept the fact that
no matter how annoying the signal interruption when it rains; no matter how it sucks that we need to fork out extra bucks of our hard-earned money to bear the increasing subscription fee for our favourite channel, Astro is still numero uno. Why? Because it is the one and only satellite TV provider available in the country. Unless, of course, if you are willing to go back to the ‘Dark Age’ where our options were limited to TV1, TV2, TV3 and NTV7…then it’ll save you a lot of money. Somehow, I doubt that if anybody wants to take that step. LOL.

Seriously, with the money Astro has made over the years, I’m sure they have more than enough fund to hire some experts to find the solution on how to improve the signal reception during rainy days. I think that’s the least they can do to make their thousands of loyal customers happy. On second thought, may be it’s time for a transformation. Perhaps, the government should open the market for other satellite TV providers . Now, that would give Astro a run for their money. *evil grin*


iyapp i know how it feels.. It happened to me last nite too.. I was browsing the channel and "the ramen girl" was played over and over again.. i wish astro can provide us a better service.. sigh!

Hey I happen to like watching Georgia Rule but if too much repeat..aku pun mo pingsan.

I have to agree, I wish there were more companies for us to choose from instead of just Astro. I hardly watch 70% of the shows there and yet I still have to pay for it ... siggghhh ...

maslight ~ itu la..sepa la sanggup tinguk balik2...

NickPhilips ~ what to do? like it or not, have to pay also...*sigh*

That's why la my hubby ambil the min package ja... hihihi..

Spot on! Sports channels pun kana kasi naik! Cis! Now, I watch more DVDs...sah rugi rm owh ;(

Yess.. I agree with you.

Memang boring and frustating la this Astro. I dont subscribe HBO but I subscribe Warna, and it realy irritate me when the movie in WARNA, is same as movie in KIRANA last time. Ulang-ulang.

Then, baru -baru ni naik lagi harga sport package. Padahal kalau hujan sikit sudah tiada siaran ..grrr.

I think they should review their service dulu, barulah naikkan harga kan.

Astro oh Astro...

I wish one day they allow us to pick and choose which channels we want and being charged accordingly. Yeah right... bermimpi di siang hari!

BTW I love Ramen Girl punya story, sia tingu twice sbb 1st taim I missed the ending, 2nd taim baru complete the story. 3rd taim inda mo tingu suda, kalu 4th taim, tukar channel trus! Hehe pun if ada tu direct tv sini,mo juga sy tukar...dah la channel sport kana kasi naik,bagus bagus dulu murah jak di bayar, now have to pay more...
then makin teruk ni astro..ulangan lagi banyak daripada yang baru baru..

Just ~ hehe...maybe i should revise my subscribtion ni..

Miss Mathew ~ ya lor, nasib baik sia tida ambil sports package..hehe..

Nora ~ yes, Nora. they should do a survey and hear what their subscriber have say b4 they raise their subcrubtion fee kan..

Nessa ~ ya bah, bagus lagi mangkali dorang buat stail pay per view. tapi harapan utk itu terjadi, kabur2..mangkali teda langsung harapan..

MummyZuan ~ kan bagus kalu kita ada choice selain Astro...