Peers pressure

[ Girl : “Kakak, mari kita main badminton (Sis, let’s play badminton).”
Me : “Eh, kenapa tiba-tiba pula mau main ni (Why suddenly want to play)?”
Girl :” Sia mau execise bah, mau kasi kurus badan. Kawan-kawan sia bilang sia gumuk (I want to exercise, to lose weight. My friends said I’m fat). “ ]

That was part of a conversation I had with my neighbour's girl last Sunday. The last line was uttered in a quiet tone accompanied by a sad face. My heart fell when I heard the last line. She must have felt awfully bad by her friends’ comments. As we know, children are easily influenced by their peers. A comment like that will certainly hurt a child’s self-esteem.

Personally, I think genetic factor plays a significant role in this girl’s weight issue. Both her parents are quite ‘big’. According to her mom, the girl has always been a chubby child. Bless her for she has a hearty appetite. After being laughed at by her peers, she will try her best to restraint from eating heartily. But, often give in to hunger. Even we adults have a hard time staying on our diet, inikan pula budak-budak… :) But looking at a different perspective, peers pressure do have it’s good. It gives one the motivation to achieve his/her goal.

As for the badminton part, too bad I can’t play with her on weekdays because when I reached home at 6.30pm/ is already too dark to play. I really hope that this girl will continue her effort to shed the extra kilos, with or without me. :)

Er, did you notice the word "kakak" in the conversation above? Hehe...the kids in my neighbourhood are so accustomed to calling me as "kakak" instead of "aunty". I'm going to hit 30 soon...old enough to be called aunty. But, I don't mind at all, as "kakak" makes me feel younger everyday...LOL! Perasaannya si Mama Mia ni kan....hahhaha....


My younger sister pun face the same situation. Genetically, mmg my family jenis yg rangka besar, eventho she's not THAT fat, but becos of tulang dia lebar, she looks bigger.

Kasian berlapar pun tetap kana panggil GEMOK. Hahaha..but dats an old story la, i see now see can accept the fact that, she's big.

Ok la ba tu 'KAK'...
Bikin tension tu kalu org ckp ko gumuk...hisss...apa2 pun ko tulung la dia 'KAK'....hihihiihh
(Don't u feel a bit younger...? :P )

kesian oh the girl..i know her feelings..mcm saya juga..kna ckp gumuks ja..

Cian jg kalau ada 'big' ginetic ni... adik sia kali ikut my dad.. Hahah...

Tp, hrp the lil girl yg baik hati panggil ko 'kakak' tu dpt kasi kurang skit la berat badan dia dgn adanya motivasi dr kengkwn dia.. :D

Alala.. cian jg kan.. sya blum pernah la kena pgl gemuk, cuma kena pgl kurus kering.. kurus pun susah, gemuk pun susah.. malas tul la.. serba salah ja.. kurus tu nda best la, sya kurus coz perut memilih.. huhu.. sedih la sya ni jg coz nda dpt mkn yg bermacm2.. asal mkn yg sedap ja trus perut memulas.. mana la siok kan..

uik akak ooo.. but u look younger than ur age ba.. kalu sya pun sya pgl nama ko ja.. aiseymen :) hihi.. mcm kwan2 kan kita :)

ok lah bah tu kak...ekeke

weight issue has become more and more vocal now even a 7 yr old know that diet almost always associated with being fat or being skinny.

sa pnya nephew, keep on telling his dodu (my mil) that he needs to diet cos his teacher told him he is fat. adakah....

Anak sia yang 10 tahun memang very chubby now and he gets embarrassed whenever someone calls him fat. But I told him not to worry becos he will lose all the fat once he hits puberty... macam abang dia dulu.

Gumuk pun ok ba. More to love kan :D

weird kan if u have a pet eg kitten or puppy, makin gumuks makin cute right? Bida eh doggy or pet yg kurus hahaha
but as a person, terbalik pula... they owez criticize on fat/chubby/petite people. Biarla Chubby, cukup makan kan~ but if too FAT then need to loose some weight for health juga kan :D (emotional la konon komen sy tu sigh)

Masa sia 'muda' dulu pun selalu ingat mau diet nie..hahaha! susah bah peer pressure nie..gemuk sikit terus kana komen..terpaksa lah mau diet berabis..
Bah..sama2 lah kita jadi kakak ah..hahahaa sia pun jarang kana panggil Aunty sini..ahaksss!!!

Adora ~ I hope one day, my young friend will be able to accept the fact that she's big. :)

MOB ~ Ya bah, apa lagi kalu hari2 kana panggil gumuk.

Hahaha..klu ko ko panggil "KAK", sia no feeling bei...:)

Carmel ~ Mmg bikin tension bah kan. Klu kita tida layan, harap2 dorang pandai boring

Just ~ya lor Just, sia pun harap begitu la...

Nadia ~ hmm, mmg bikin serba salah. Sensitif juga perut ko ar Nadia, sia makan santan mmg pantang. Wp sikit ja, misti memulas.

haha..bulih bah kalu kau. :)

Chegu ~ Alamak, 7yrs old and oredi going on diet. Cigu dia tu pun satu, jgn la bah blg gumuk kan, cakap ja la bah diet utk kesihatan...

Nessa ~ Most kids mmg gitu bah kan, all the baby fat will be gone once they hit puberty.

Cute bah budak yg chubby ni compare to those yg skinny one..:)

Bri ~ Hi. Itu la, hard to pls everyone bah, ada2 sj yg tida kena, gumuk salah, kurus pun salah.Tp sia stuju, kalu obese mmg kana diet demi kesihatan

Hunny ~ Hi. Tq for visiting. :)

KaDusMama ~ bila urg selalu komen2 trus kita tensen & berdiet utk tutup mulut dorang..

hehe...ya la Ty! :)