Lighting and Feng Shui

I believe most of us have heard of feng shui, regardless if you’re Chinese or not. It is an ancient, interesting Chinese practice that teaches an individual to live in harmony with one’s surroundings, in order to increase the flow of positive energy and to have a positive state of mind.

* smile * I am no Feng Shui Master or trying to be one. But I have had the opportunity of working with a feng shui-obsessed boss. Some of us even gossiped that she applied the principle of feng shui in selecting her employees. *smile * Whether it is true or merely rumors, I don’t know. But one thing for sure, my lady boss masterminded the whole office layout, from the furniture’s arrangement, plants’ placement, to the lighting.

Speaking of lighting, it is impossible to neglect its significant other – lamps . As my former boss would say, “A good lamp can do magic if we know how to utilize it.” In other words, a lamp should not only brighten a room, it should also add colour and warmth to it. True.

Sharp corners are regarded as bad thing in feng shui. They should be best avoided but some times they are just inevitable. Hence, they need to be ‘softened’ to increase the energy flow and creates a relaxed atmosphere. One way to ‘soften’ them is by using accent lighting. Low voltage halogen lamps are perfect for that purpose. Not only do they last longer, they are also efficient. We had something almost similar to this back then.

Another feng shui-related thing that she always emphasize on was : never leave a cluttered desk at the end of each day. Cluttered free and organized desk will create an easy path for prosperity energy to come your way. Leave only those daily essentials – phone, computer, lamp, stationeries, etc on the desk. Well, not every one of us has a desk lamp. But if you do, make sure it is placed in your fame area (refer the diagram below). It will activate good future career options as well as improve your reputation.
Now, having a desk lamp sounds like a bright idea, don’t you think so? Why not get one today? Anyway, there are a huge variety of desk lamps available to choose from. Whatever the style or design, their main purpose is to provide light for specific tasks. And do make sure that the size of the lamp is in some ideal proportion to the desk.
However, if a lamp is not suitable, a small plant with red flower or pot in your fame area will work just as good as the lamp. *smile*


Hi Mama Mia,

I use to have a boss like yours. But suprisingly he is Malay but he practice Fengshui even in the office.

I learn a lot from him, I'm not sure about a lamp but I'll put Money plant in the office for some 'ong'.

Even today, I will decorate my Boss office with Money plant and not forgotten one at my desk too.

Saja suka-suka bah...:)

Crita fengshui kali ni ah! Baru sia abis baca pasal fengshui and horoscope...syok jugak ni kalu ada info macam ni...

Sometimes, mcm siok jg mau tau pasal feng shui ni kan Mia? Tp, sometimes, too lazy to bother much... ;p

Nora ~ interesting juga bah feng shui thingy ni. At my former office, money plants are everywhere,suma meja & corner ada satu. :)

MOB ~ sia pun suka baca2 pasal feng shui ni. ada juga tips yg sia ikut but only those easy one la..hehe..

Just ~ hihi..klu ada masa ambil tau la utk tambah info sendiri..siok bah.

bagus juga ni tau2 serba sedikit pasal feng shui.. boleh hidup senang ba, bikin kaC jauh2 itu penyakit, bikin kaC lari energy yg inda bagus, bikin generate kita punya success, etc kan? ^_^

halo mama mia :) sya pun suka la feng shui2 ni.. but nanti la tgu sya ada rumah baru sya plan mau susun or buat ikut feng shui :)

hi mamamia... nice read. dun think i can bring a desk lamp to my office but i do have a small plant la.. :)

Good to know also..I have a fren who too obsessed with this feng shui things..hehehe

AnnieMing ~ ya bah Annie, sia ingu urang yg mengamalkan feng shui ni mcm happy & tenang ja hidup..:)

Nadia ~ bah Nadia, klu mo bikin rumah/beli rumah pilih bagus2 ar ikut feng shui..hehe..

LonTugi ~ plant pun bulih bah..

CAB ~ hehe..tq for visiting. Feng shui is good bah