Angels & Demons

One of the most anticipated movies of the year. A prequel to the The Da Vinci Code movie. So, here I am, waiting 'patiently' in the office for hubby to fetch me. We’ll be heading to the cinema to watch this movie. It’s been a while since we last watched a movie together. :)

Anyway, I have read the bestseller book of the same title 2 years ago, after watching the movie, The Da Vinci Code. I love the book. It sure is a page-turner, packed with actions. Hehe…I found myself running along with Robert Langdon trying to stop the deadly threats of the Illuminati.

I am not crazy about Tom Hanks portraying the Harvard symbologist though. He’s a good actor but I think that somebody else should play the role of the Harvard symbologist. Pierce Brosnan, perhaps? *wink*

As with all book-to-movie adaptations, the movie will sure be not as detail as the book. But, I just hope Ron Howard & the gang didn’t butcher Dan Brown's the story. I hope I won’t be disappointed. :)


Hi Mama Mia...I'll get goosebump watching movies like this.
Anyway...have a wonderful enjoy your evening out with love ones. Cheers

I've watched DaVinci Code a few times and really like it. I like movies with a lot of riddles and puzzles to be solved base on a few clues.. So intelligent bah :) Like Indiana Jones sequels... best o! Sya pun ndak sabar mau tingu ni Angels & Demons.. Misti lagi siok.. No, i haven't read the book.. Malas bah klu tabal2.. sure ndak abis baca tu hehehe

Yayyy.. sioknya p tgk wayang sekali sekala sama hubby kan Mia? I miss that! Hubby did mention to go for movie, but hangat2 taik ayam ja tu.. malas sia. he's not a movie person ba.. hmm..

Anyway, u both enjoy the movie yaa..

yiii.. sya pun mau oo p tgk.. harap2 siok tahap gaban kan :) hihi.. ba nanti review ckit2 ar :)

HoneyBuzz ~ Why the goosebumps? Its not a scary story albeit the title with the word 'demon'. :)

Ornest ~ wah, a few times? me only watch 2 times, one at cinema & another time on TV.

I love thriller, adventure story with all those cryptic clues & riddles to solve. Hehe..sia klu suda start baca buku, trus tida pandai berenti smpi abis baca..hahaha...

Just ~ ya bah Just, berbulan2 suda tida tingu wayang sama2. Klu ko pujuk dia, mangkali dia mau juga bah tu...:)

Nadia ~ Ya Nadia, pigi la tingu. Its worth the money bah, tida rugi p tingu..

will watch this movie on weekend...
sy pun tertunggu2 ni movie dari awal bulan g..

A not to be missed movie, that's for sure :D

and I agree that Tom Hanks is the wrong choice too. I wrote a post about this a long time back ...

I'll be watching it full of pessimism. :-)

Belle ~ bah, pigi la tingu ..:)

NickPhillips ~ I remember your post Nick..:)

Gallivanter ~ :)

Sia pun mo tingu ni wayang but not di panggung la... tunggu di Astro! LOL

Sia aim mo tingu Transformer 2 di panggung with my family ba... banyaknya duit mo pakai tu. Bankrap trus!

Angels and Demons is my fav book from D Brown. Sia rasa suda 3-4 kali baca tapi cerita dia tetap menarik walau berapa kali suda sia baca.