Angels & Demons : Movie Review

So, I have watched the movie last night at the GSC 1 Borneo Hypermall. Hubby and I arrived there @ 8pm, half an hour before showing. We managed to get tickets for the middle row seating. 15 minutes before the movie started, the theater was a vacant, only a few ppl scattered here and there. “Hmm, maybe this movie was not-so-highly-anticipated after all," I thought. Crowd only started pouring in 5 minutes before showing and a few sec, the theater was packed. Mostly teenagers, UMS students I guess. :)

Having read some of the movie reviews earlier, I knew the storyline was altered slightly to tone down some sensitive issue e.g. the origin of the Carmelengo. Anyway, if you are expecting some romance between Robert and Vittoria, don’t bother. Their relationship is strictly business :) . By the way, I think Robert’s looks better in his new haircut. Glad that he decided to lose the mullet he sported in The Da Vinci Code..hehehe..

Personally, I don’t think this is a great movie but, yes, it is a good one. Entertaining, fast-paced and worth the money. It moves in a breakneck pace, so fast that you may hesitate to blink for fear of missing a clue or a murder. For 2 hours and 15 minutes, nobody left his or her seat until the movie ended. But still, I prefer the book. *wink*

The backdrop and landmarks are so gorgeous. Rome will definitely be on the top of my Places-To-Visit-Before-I-Die list. :)


ayoooo nda best ka?? but worth the money jg ba kan.. emm.. tgk la amcm mo pg ka nda ni..:)

will read the book,as for now i still can't go out for one look after baby nazwan...but still can watch DVD..^**^

Nadia ~siok ka tida bergantung sama individu bah. Sia rasa klu dia tida terlampau byk dia ubah2, lebih siok la. Jgn pulak ko demotivated pulak mo po tingu ar..

MummyZuan ~ ya, u should read the book. bagus juga bah tingu DVD sambil jaga anak.. :)

yup, not a great one but it is still a good one to watch.
i left all my memories about the book behind when watching this movie for fear i will keep distracting myself remembering all the plots in the book and reenacting them while watching. certainly will affect the fun of watching.
not fair...why do they have to get ewan mcgregor to be patrick. he's too handsome to be a priest. let alone a bad one. ekeke

hi mama mia..first of all,, pic number 3 that uv seen in my entry..yep,, thats laura,, she's my classmate in SMSM.

about Angels n demons..haha..i really thot that there will be angels,, and demons flying here n there..well..they're all just clues bit dissapointng for me..

but i appreciate the movie bcos of of its christianity background..which also makes it a bit controversial kn..but nyway,.love the movie..

by the way..the Carmelengo is kiuttt hahaha i nearly drop a tear when he suddenly falls with a parachute..yeah rite..haha

Chegu Carol ~ ya lor Carol, mcm tak sesuaai bah si ewan tu. Too good-looking to be a bad priest..hehe..

nc ~ oh i see, I know laura in UPM. :)

the original storyline is even more controversial, u should read the book...hehe..

about the Carmerlengo,he is cute. :)