Days to remember

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the wonderful mommy out there. :) Among the SMS I received from friends and family whishing a happy Mother’s Day yesterday, this one was my favourite. “Motherhood is a tough 24-hours job with no pay, no day-off, most often unappreciated and yet resignation is impossible!” It came from a dear friend, who is on her way to becoming a first time mother herself. Their bundle of joy is due anytime now. *smile*

I couldn’t agree more on the message, especially on the ‘unappreciated’ part. No, I am not talking on my own account as a mother but rather as a daughter. I remembered those days, when I was a teenager growing up. Let’s just say that I am a little bit on the rebellious side. I don’t like to be controlled, often do whatever mom’s said not to do…but nothing serious :). Some of mom’s advice was never taken seriously, you know like masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan (in through the left ear, out through the right)...hehe.

Anyway, this year I gave mommy dearest a home made butter cake. Baked by none other than her rebellious daughter - ME. Mom’s love cakes, any cakes without chocolate and cheese will do. As I am only a beginner in baking, I decided to bake the easiest one, not too much ingredients involved...hehe. The cake came out fine and edible. Usually, I would leave the cake plain but yesterday, I experimented with vanilla-flavoured butter cream. I was going to decorate it too but daughter was whining for me to carry her. Hmm, the cream was okay but the presentation…well, it didn’t turn-out too well. Hahaha…am too embarrassed to snap and post a pic here…..bikin malu saja! Maybe next time la when my skills improve…LOL! Anyway, mom didn’t complained. :)

With Mother’s Day over, Father’s Day is coming soon. My father had passed away 14 years ago, so there is no other gift more meaningful than a prayer, a visit to his grave and some flowers. * smile*

On the other hand, I am thinking of giving hubby a new perfume for Father’s Day. Something light, fresh with aquatic notes that’s perfect for casual wear. Maybe one of those Giorgio Armani perfumes may suits his taste. *wink*


my mum sana kampung, i only get the chance to meet my mummy in law on mother's day.. i just call my mum up to wish her happy mother's day.. sedih.. huhu..

if i was di kampung, surely i'll cook for her & buy her a mummy's day cake..

happy mother's day :)

Happy mother's day! Nothing is too late to celebrate a mother's day...

let's celebrate everyday hehehe

Last2 ko bikin sndri jg kek kasi mama ko aa Mia... Nda santik pun kalau rasa dia sadap, ok ba tu... Tgk, nda kena komplen pun. Mama ko makan ja... Misti dia happy kan...

As long as it tastes well, your mom will not care for the decoration part, right?

Annie ~ it's the thots that count bah Annie :)

Nadia ~ Tq Nadia...

IbgProper ~ Ya bah kan Phil,it should be mothher's day everyday kan...hehe

Just ~ ya bah, sia pun mcm ko, smpi last minit masi lg mo pikir, mana sempat lg order kek..:)

LittleInbox ~ ya lor...:)

Mama Mia,

Sia pun mau buat kek tapi inda sempat. Belanja my mum makan diluar ja...hehe

Practice makes perfect.. Trus berusaha.. Next year try lagi. Mana tau ko bulih buka kadai cake di D'gon lain hari :D

Baiklah. Nti ko dtg bili kio Ornest..hehe..

happy belated mummy day! :)

oh...sweetnya ko baked cake for your mom.. :)
I only wish my mom..! suruh my bro buy cake for her..