Bend it like Beckham

As the compound of our house is quite big, my neighbours’ kids like to come every evening to play. Some time badminton, some time football, some time just running around, playing the game of “Police and Thief”. Hehe…it sounds more like “Polis-sen-tep” though. LOL!

* sigh * Daughter Vanessa doesn’t want to be left behind. She also wants to join in the fun. When the kids are playing badminton, she wants to play along. She whines for the badminton racket and cry for a chance to hit the shuttlecock. Tapi, mana la dia pandai, interrupting their game ada la. Obviously, some of the kids, especially the boys, do not welcome her in the play…kacau saja, they said. And being the protective Mama, my mom always warn them," Kalau kamu tida mau kana kacau, pigi la main di tempat lain." (If you don’t want any interference, then go play somewhere else) hahaha...

In the end, the kids agreed to have Vanessa around but refused to let her play. Instead, they gave her an ‘important’ task, the shuttlecock-picker. Vanessa was more than happy with her task. Every time the shuttle dropped, she will scramble to her feet to pick it up and give it to the nearest person. Sampai berpeluh-peluh bah dia. A win-win resolution I must say. The kids get to play in peace, while Vanessa had her fun, picking-up the shuttlecock…hehe. While the kids are engaged in the play, she will watch at the side with Kakak, the maid. Waiting patiently for the shuttlecock to drop. :)

Hmm, that was the badminton fever. Now it was over. The latest craze in town is – football. Just as I expected, Vanessa will be crying, whining to join in the fun. Football is just too rough for her. She’ll get knocked-down if we let her join in the play. Ah, a tricky situation to handle.

This time, I don’t think she’s suitable for the task as ball-picker. It will be a laborious task for her as the ball is big and heavy…it will take her forever to deliver it to the players. And I doubt that they can wait that long. So, I bought her a ball for her to play. A smaller and lighter one. Phew! Nasib baik la my girl relented to it. She can play indoor football anytime. So far, she is happy with it, as long as there is somebody to play with. If Mummy and Daddy goes to work, then Kakak and Mama will do. :)


Unduiiii.. comelnya c Van2 dgn ballnya. Ngam la tu dia ada ball sendiri. Tp, yg kasi kawan dia main tu yg panat. Hahahah...

hihi..ya bah Just. Nasib baik la ada Kakak layan dia. Mana la Mama tu tahan melayan dia...:)

Kiut ba si Vanessa ni.. sia buli imejin dia lari2 pi ambil tu shuttlecock... hehe

Maybe dia mau adik suda tu :)

astaga kiut.. :) ya ba teringat sya dlu2 polisentep..miahaha.. lawak pula oo kan.. :)

Kiut lah si van2 tu. bule jadi slim oh kalau layan si van2 tu..ha ha enda payah2 lagi mau exercise.

You've got a footballer in the making there, you know ... hehehe ...

Betul ckp c Nessa tu Mia. Dia mau adik sdh tu bikin kasi kawan dia.

Mcm c cucu jg. Selalu dia p cari pampers dia yg 1 pek tu.. ada gmbr baby kan sana tu... dia sengaja p singgah pampers dia say 'hi' sama tu baby... undduii.. bikin gerigitan ba!

Nessa ~ hihi, rajin bah dia menjalankan tugas tu.

Adik? Hmm,next year la mangkali ni baru plan kasi dia adik..:P

Nadia ~ hahaha..sia kici2 pun main polisentep bah..

DL Suminie ~ butul tu DL..:)

Nick Phillips ~ LOL!

hehe..skrg biarlah dia puas2 jadi baby of the family dulu.

odoi gia si Cucu, pandai suda dia. Dulu si Van2 pun suka p cium2 tu gambar baby di pampers pny pek. Skrg jarang2 suda tapi masih juga dia suka tingu gambar baby.

My boy loves to play balls, too!~

Just wanna wish u HAVE A HAPPY KAAMATAN DAY ...ur children are so adorable. Dukung skijap..hehe

LittlePrince'sMummy ~ yes, i read your post..:). Thanks for dropping-by.

HunnyBuzzIn ~ KOtobian Tadau Kaamatan to you too Hunny.

Er, children? I only got 1 daughter bah skrg..bulum ada lagi no.2..hehe..

Look at her face ... all brighten up when she is holding the ball!! Just like my girl .... she likes to do her football kick at home too and chasing the ball around :) Maybe next time I balik KK I can bring Angel along so Vanessa will have a friend to play with :) :)

Haha...why little girls like playing balls huh coz my girl also likes playing with balls.

Alala comelnya si vanessa hehe. Astaga sama saja bah sama si Dian, pun suka mau main bola tapi kesian dia tiada kawan disini :(. Tengah mencari playschool yang dekat dengan rumah la ni supaya dia boleh bersosial.

MommyAngel ~ Oh, u are from KK pilak. It will be wonderful to see these little girls playing football together...

MummyGwen ~ haha..maybe its easy to play...

Nora ~ Nah, si Dian pun suka main bola rupanya. Bah, pelan-pelan la ko cari playschool yg paling ngam utk dia.

Hey all, looks like our girls' love football so much. Who knows? They may form a team when they grew up...hahaha...