Customer is always right???

We rarely get any walk-in customer but when we do, they were not as difficult as this one particular guy. He was very fussy! Must be my unlucky day (and maybe the Tech too)!*sigh*

Mr Fussy came in to get his Notebook(NB) repaired. He claimed that the bluetooth function would some time go on and off automatically. Just like Chipsmore, now you see it, now you don’t. He was so kan cheong and determined to have it fixed before the warranty expires some time this year. But, the weird thing was, the problem seemed to occur only when he was using his NB, regardless whether he’s in the office or house or Coffee Bean or Starbucks.Everywhere he goes, he'll get the same problem, so he claimed. When he sent it to our service center HQ in PJ last month, our engineer there failed to detect the problem. After 3 days of monitoring, it was returned to him.

Since the problem persisted, Mr Fussy was advised to send his NB here. Suspected faulty parts are to be replaced. The moment he came in, Mr Fussy demanded to see the replacement parts. That’s when all the commotion started. “Why only 2 parts arrived? Your boss said he would send 3 – the bluetooth board, cable and antenna. “What happened to the antenna?” “Did you lose it ?” bla, bla, bla….Both the Tech and I had a very hard time convincing him that those were all that were sent to us. Obviously, Mr Fussy did not buy that; he showed us my boss’s e-mail to him. And there it was. Our ‘dear’ Boss DID promised him that he would send us the 3 components. Damn. If only he bothered to inform us earlier we won’t be so dumbfounded. THANK YOU BOSS FOR MAKING US LOOK STUPID IN FRONT OF MR FUSSY!!!

Mr Fussy demanded an explanation on why the antenna was not sent. Fair enough, he deserves one. As I was Skype-ing my boss, Mr Fussy just couldn’t keep his big mouth shut. “What did he say?”, “Did he carelessly omitted the antenna?” etc, etc…Can you believe this guy??? Surprisingly, he was able to sit tight in his chair. I half expected him to peek on my conversation with Boss…hehe. After explaining the situation to him, Boss only came-up with this, “Just tell him that the antenna is not necessary.” Yeah, right. “Easy for you to say Boss!” but of course, I only said those words in my heart.

I didn’t really pay much attention to Mr Fussy after that. I was too tired to answer all his endless "What if...?" questions. Thankfully, he got the message. Alleluia! He shifted his attention to my colleague aka Tech, interrogated him on his experience on fixing this kind of problem. Truthfully, Tech admitted that it is his first and the Engineer would guide him from HQ via Skype video call. From the corner of my eyes, I saw the discomfort and lack of confidence in Mr Fussy’s eyes. He demanded to be present during the fixing and testing process. Made it clear that he wants to see the existing components replaced as promised and make sure every screw, every little thing are in its right place.

Tech was obviously not comfortable with that. Neither do I. I can imagine Mr Fussy scrutinizing Tech’s every move, criticizing here and there. Whoa, how can you do any work in a situation like that? I immediately sought Boss’s advice on Mr Fussy’s demand. Again, Boss-the man with few words said,” Tell him it is not necessary for him to be present.” Just as I expected, Mr Fussy hit the roof when I relayed that to him. ”How would I know if you replaced the parts or not?”, “How would I know if everything are in the right place?” bla, bla, bla…Once again, we tried to convinced him that his property will be treated with utmost respect. Suspected faulty parts will be replaced with new one. Tests will be done to ensure that it functions normally. We’ll call when it is ready for collection and he himself can check his NB performance before signing the acknowledgment slip. Well, all our effort was in vain. Mr Fussy held his ground and insist to be called when fixing process starts. *faint*

An hour after he left, our Engineer launched a video call and begins the fixing process. We told him of Mr Fussy’s firm request but this nonchalant response was all we got, “Takpe. Kita buat dulu, test semua. Bila semua ok, baru kita bagi tau kat customer supaya datang collect. Customer mana boleh tengok kita buat, company policy."(It’s ok. We fix it now and run some tests. When everything’s ok, then only we call customer to come. Customers are not allowed to see the fixing process. It is the company’s policy.") Tech and I were speechless. I’m sure we’re thinking the same thing, “How are we going to tell Mr Fussy about this?” Mr Fussy will sure explode this time! We were in a dilemma, to adhere to our superiors and get slaughtered by customer OR make customer happy and get fired by Boss for violating company’s policy. Either way we’ll get all the bashing. *sigh * We chose the former.

As foreseen, after receiving my call about the parts had been replaced, Mr Fussy disconnected the call and sped to our office. He was fuming mad and bombarded us with his frustration. What can we say? We told him that we were only following order. We offered to open-up his NB for him to have a look at the internal. With a glare, he refused by saying that the act would only cause further damaged to his NB due to frequently loosening and tightening the screw. With that, we both telepathically agreed not to provoke him. We apologized to Mr Fussy and kept our silence and listened to him rant. Eventually, he calmed down and agreed to leave his NB with us for another 2 days for observation.

The unfortunate incident above occurred two days ago. Yikes! Observation period is over. Mr Fussy is coming again today. Maybe he is on his way now. *roll eyes* I have no interest whatsoever to deal with him. I’ll let one of my colleagues deal with him…if I have a choice. *wink* They are already speculating that it won’t be our last encounter with Mr Fussy. He will be back sooner complaining about another problem if not the same. I sure hope that all their speculating is wrong!!! I don't want to see Mr Fussy again!

Now that I managed to get it off my chest, I felt much better. Phew! I hope I didn’t bore you with this long and winding post of mine. :)

Updates:- Mr Fussy was supposed to come collect his NB on Friday but he couldn't make it. Instead he came on the following Monday. He came with a serious face and didn't say much except when he replied my greeting. Packed his NB, signed the acknowledgement slip and go.


Sia pun terasa tension bila baca..uh! maybe because I met fussy, fussy and fussy customer everyday...

eeeeeeeeeeee....i hate customer yang cerewet!!!! last time, when i was working part time in MCD, tu costumer panggil sia BABI sebab she stupidly want to eat McChicken when it was still breakfast hour..
Berabis sia cakap bulum ada..mati2 juga dia mau..
Memang sia panas gila babi masa tu..terus sia kasi tinggal saja tu customer tepinga-pinga di kaunter..
Ntah apa the manager cakap sama tu stupid bitch..(uisehhh marah nie!! hahaha sebab sia masih panas bila ingat dia).
Ironic is..she is Sabahan too...kurang asam kan!!!

MOB ~ Alamak, kesian jg ko hari2 jumpa customer cerewet. Urang begini la yg buat kita dpt penyakit ni...bikin panas!

Kadusmama ~ Cilaka juga tu urang!Sabahan or not, mmg dia bodos. Tida sedar diri butul, suda la dia yg salah, marah urang lagi tu.

Sia stuju tindakan ko kasi tinggal dia terpinga2 bcos buang masa sj mo explain sm urg begitu, smpi mati explain pun tida juga paham2, sot.

Wah, lama suda pny kes ni pun ko masih panas Ty? Huh!Sia rasa sia pun akan ingat kejadian with Mr Fussy ni sampai bila2.

Poor thing. I sure will not want a customer like that. Next time ask him to go next door!!!

KDmama - Bagus lagi ko ko saja yg kana maki, sia pernah semua family mama bapak pun dia maki! sikit lagi sia ckp mcm ni 'Ko ingat ko yang beli beras kami ka?...sial betul...

Mama Mia -tu la kita kadang2 pandai ilang sabar sbb paranoid...

Adusss... panas jg ruangan komen ni. C Mouren dgn customer fussy dia. C Tity dgn c Babi pnya customer yg bengong minta burger time breakfast. C Mia dgn Mr. Fussy dia.

Nevertheless, customer tetap jg kena layan kan?? Hmm...

No komen ba sia sebenarnya... ahahahha..

Eagles' Wing ~ If I am the boss, i will do that. But unfortunately, I am not and I can't say that to him. How frustrating!

MOB ~ Oh my God Mouren, smpi begitu sekali. Mmg cilaka butul tu urang!

Just ~ Hmm, klu ko jumpa urang yg cerewet mo mampus mcm ni, mmg ko panas bah Just...hehe...

I've had customers like these two and they get on my nerves but sometimes we just have to find a way to humor them ... LOL! Glad you got that off your chest :D

Alala..kesian oh ko kan..kalo sa kna buat bgt pn tekanan oh..bos pn x pduli..apa lah..

Aduh, terkenang masa dulu di Telekom layan karenah pelanggan2 yang cerewet. Lucu ada, sedih ada, tension ada... macam2 ada! LOL!

But if you put yourself in the customer's shoes la kan, he just wants the problem fixed. He must be so frustrated getting the same problem every time. Bukan sia setuju cara dia la, tapi kalau kita sudah marah tahap gaban, memang keluar la kata2 kesat... hehe

What you did was right. Let him rant sampai stim dia abis. Layan dia cool seja. Since your boss is not there, ko la yang jadi mangsa... what to do. Sabar.. sabar :)

Happy weekend!

memang sadis lah jumpa customer mcm tu kan. but ya,like nessa said, kalau sia yg jadi tu customer, i might get fussy too. tapi sia rasa ndak lah smpai tahap fussy gaban mcm tu customer. ekekeke

Adui, sya paham tu perasaan ko. Lebih2 lagi sya kerja hotel & tourism line, memang ribu2 karenah tu urang2 suma. Betul2 test sya punya tahap kesabaran. Bikin takut ni kalo high blood sebab tahan marah! Palis oh!! Kalo customer marah2 kan, ko biar dulu dia cakap sampai habis, biarla suara dia tu sampai langit. Habis jak dia cakap, then only ko besuara, tapi tone ko normal seja, sometimes, dorang pandai cool down jugak tu.

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to you!!! :)

atokoi.. nasib sya nda bhadapan dgn org2 bgtu.. :) besanya parents la but parents ni ble kasi convince and bw bcg lg :).. hihi..but this kind of costumer .. emmm, sya pun nda tau, kali dia ingat pekerja nda pandai buat keja baitu kan.. padahal org pun byk keja n dia yg nda pandai faham2.. aiseymen.. no more komen la :) lek ar :)

Hi mama Mia,

Tension juga baca cerita kau ni hehe..nasib baik ada blog untuk meluah perasaan geram. But infront of the customer, suka or not we need to smile ja kan... hehe.. Sabar sajalah.

Happy Mother's Day to you....

Dun stress over people like this ya!

Sya pun ndak suka customer yg begitu.. tension gila jadinya mungkin sampai berhari-hari. Sya lagi ni yg jenis ndak pandai bertengkar, mmg kana makan abis hahaha... Harap2 ok sdh notebook dia lepas ni supaya dia ndak marah2 lagi. Mana tau dia belanja kamu makan pula lain kali hehehe

Nick Phillips ~ yes, exactly.

Carmel ~ tu bos pun malas mo layan tu customer bah, before ni dia suda pernah deal sama ni urang..

Nessa ~ ya lor Nessa. Tapi bikin hairan kan, bila kami test tu NB, teda masalah pun. Ntah la, mangkali dia mo minta ganti baru..hehe.

Mmg itu sj cara yg plg berkesan utk menghadapi urang beginikan.Biar dia puas membebel, lama-lama pandai cool down sendiri. :)

Chegu Carol ~ hehe...mmg tu urang fussy tahap gaban.

ChocMint Girl ~ alala..ko lagi kesian kan, terpaksa jumpa ramai urang yg mcm2 perangai.

Tu la bah kan, muka, tone suara misti mo maintain tp dlm hati, Tuhan ja yg tau kan..:)

Nadia ~ hehe..ada juga parents yg fussy, sikit2 datang jumpa/komplen kan..

Sia paham jg bah situasi tu customer,sepa gia yg tida panas klu balik2 ada masalah smpi keja pun susah mo, yg sia tidaj tahan tu yg membebel bah...:)

Nora ~ Syukur la ada blog & kwn2 utk mengadu nasib.

Jess ~ Happy Mother's Day to you too. Ya lor, waste of time only to stress kan...:)

Sia pun harap2 begitu la Ornest, tidak sanggup lagi sia mendingar bebelan dia tu, tersiksa telinga...:)

Jadi, ada dia datang lagi? :)

Ada bah Ornest,dia dtg pigi ambil NB on Monday... tp dia diam2 sj