Acute Gastoenteritis with Headache

Last Thursday, I went to have a bowl of mihun soup with chun kien (pork roll wrapped in egg) at the kedai kopi near my office for lunch. *sigh* That day must have been my unlucky day! About 2 -3 hours after I had my lunch, my head started to ache, pulsating pain at both left and right side of my head. I thought I was having migraine.(I never had one, so I was not so sure how migraine is.) Soon after, the headache was followed by nausea and sudden chills. I dragged my feet to the bathroom to puke. I felt much better after vomiting but the throbbing headache just refused to go away. *sigh*

I forced myself to drive home. I should have gone see the doctor but I just don’t feel like it. Luckily, I made it home safely. After having some food, I swallowed 2 tablets of Panadol. Told Vanessa that mommy was not feeling well and need to sleep early. She responded with “Baby tiup-tiup (ke)pala mummy ah. Baby sayang-sayang (ke)pala mummy.” I was so touched by her response that I shed a few tears when I heard it. Eventually, both of us fell asleep soon after.

The next morning, the headache persists. I decided to go to our panel clinic. After asking this and that, the good doctor diagnosed me with ‘Acute Gastroenteritis with Headache’ due to food poisoning. The headache was most probably the side effect. I got an MC for that day but not after I got an earful of advise to reduce the frequency of eating out because restaurants often use a lot of food enhancers that may cause food poisoning; pay attention to the hygiene of the restaurant, bla,bla,bla…. I nodded at his advice, of course, but frankly, all I can think of at the time was, “I want to go home. I want to lie down and have a good rest.” But, before that I have to go to office to prepare an urgent report. Cilakak!!!

As soon as I finished my report, I went off without even paying attention to my colleagues’ curious eyes. Sorry la kawan-kawan, but that day, I was not in the mood to layan you all. :)


my goodness, what an efficient worker u r.. sick, still went back to office? today i didnt go, mc too but not bec i was truly sick, i took bec i went for a check up and did some blood tests... by the time i was thru, it was kind of late to go office.. so here i m, having a good nap too just now.. tonite i bet i cannot sleep .. sigh..

Hiyahhh...I experienced it too! Worst...I have imagine gastric, migraine and food poisoning! Jawapannya - TIDO JA!!! ;p

May you get well soon..hehee

Alamakkk!!!! Ok sudah ko mia??? Sia paling takut kena food poisoning..suffer oh!

I kena before too.. and worst I was driving to work.. and tumpang 1 auntie.. have no choice ask the auntie to naik bas and called up hubby .. lucky blum brapa jauh dari rumah.. hubby rushed me to the hospital, masuk emergency den kena gantung air.. bah you rest banyak2 kama kio..

reanaclaire ~ efficient worker? maybe not la, Claire..LOL

MOB ~ wah,teruknya tu..all 3 at a time.

CAB ~ Thx, Alv :)

KaDusMama ~ ok suda bah, Ty. Nasib baik after 2 days, suma ok suda..

Evelyn LG ~ ya bah, bikin takut o klu tetiba sakit time driving. My hubby pulak selalu saja out-station..

OMG...maybe the food that u ate had been contaminated by flies???
Hope you r OK by now dear.Drink plenty of water and fruits.

Most of the restaurants/stalls put in lotsa monosodium glutamate...huhuhu

Hi Mama Mia,

Rajinnya you.. if me.. terus balik ja hehe. Pandainya your baby pujuk mummy. Dian pun macam tu juga kalau sia sakit. Pandai lagi u tanya maid sia mana ubat mummy...:D

Not safe eating out these days, that's why I prefer to cook at home, though it takes time.
Next time should pay more attention when dine out. Migraine very susah oo...

UmmiRossa ~ that's probably the case. Anyway, i'm ok now. Thank God!

yes, that's why the food taste sedap semacam ja kan..too much additives inside..

Nora ~ ni bkn pasal rajin, Nora tp kes takut tu keja pile-up. Ngam2 lagi Friday kan & the next Mon pulak cuti.sia tia sanggup balik keja dgn keja yg bertimbun menunggu di meja bei..kalu ikut hati, mmg mo pulang tidur ja.

ya bah, Nora. sia nda sangka pulak dia pny reaction gitu..trus terharu bah si mummy..:)

Little Inbox ~ yes, i learned my lesson. :)