Crunchy Chocolate Cornflakes

This is one snack that I really like. Besides being easy annd quick to make, it is also yummy… :) With a clingy and manja toddler in the house, it is hard to try out complicated recipe. Actually, I didn’t have any plan to make them on Merdeka Day, but Vanessa was whining for sweet treat. So terpaksa la buat jugak… Or maybe she has sensed that my cuz, niece and nephew are coming for a surprise visit, so ada jugak la something untuk dihidang to our guests … hehe

Anyway, I was lucky to have the basic ingredients. For those I don’t have, I make use whatever I can to substitute them. Hehe…this mommy is just too lazy to drive to Donggongon to get those things.

This snack is rather sweet, so it is not advisable to indulge in too much of it. Otherwise, you may need to pay an early visit to your dentist. Nasib baik la after having 2 pieces, Vanessa had enough of it. Phew! Anyway, this snack is best to go with kopi-O kaw-kaw. :) Here is the recipe. Got it from some recipe book a year or two ago.


60g butter
60g sirap kencana OR 2 Tbsp Golden Syrup ( I have no idea what sirap kencana is. I substituted it with golden syrup. This syrup is very sweet, so 2 Tbsp is enough. The amount of golden syrup can be adjusted according to your preference.)
90g cornflakes
15g dried coconut flesh / freshly grated coconut flesh
45g chocolate chips OR 45g cooking chocolate (I don't have chocolate chips so I use cooking chocolate instead.)
30g cashew nuts/almond nuts/walnut (coarsely chopped)
* Some colour rice for decoration


1) Put butter and syrup into a saucepan. Heat saucepan on low temperature until butter is completely melted. Simmer gently for 3 – 4 minutes. Put all ingredients into pan and stir well.
2) Spoon mixture into small paper cups. Refrigerate until set.

Makes : 12 – 16 cups (depends on the amount you spoon into the paper cups.)

Here what it looks like without the grated coconut and nuts. To make it look more appealing, I garnished some colour rice on top. This last touch was not part of the original recipe… I just tambah-tambah…hehe… If you feel like trying, by all means, go on. Happy trying! :)


Mia, bulih buat bisnes ko ni...;p

Waa... nda manis ka guna syrup mia??

sia pun prefer recipe yg sinang2 ni. mmg plan mau buat sendiri 2-3 jenis kuih raya thn ni. Heheheh..

wow..looks yummy..mau try buat ni,, kalau rajin nti hehe

MOB ~ wakaka..belum sampai tahap tu lagi ni Mouren. sia budak baru belajar bah.. hihi..

Just ~ manis? sangat la manis. sia pakai 2 Tbsp pun manis betul suda. Bulih kasi kurang bah amount tu sirap ikut suka

nc ~ try la bila ada masa & kerajinan..hehe.kalu ada tu nuts lagi sedap..

OO nmpk mcm senang saja resipi ni...i should try it someday...ekkeke

~sinang resipi dia ni..buli try la :)

Wah, not bad looking, got some to spare for me ah? LOL!

Yang ni memang popular kalo musim hari raya ni MamaMia...cantik and look really irresistable ;)

By the know how to make the bubur pedas Sarawak? I miss to eat it...

Hi Mama Mia, lama tak jumpa, apa khabar ???

wow.. thanks for the recipe.. i might try one day..might only. hahaa..

Rajinnya ko buat kuih... bukan cam sia ni, bili di kadai seja.

Tapi cam sinang ni resepi, inda payah pakai oven lagi. Nanti sia mo cuba, thanks for sharing :D

Wah! kalau sia yg buat ni.. habis la.. sia rasa tia sempat mau simpan dlm bekas pun :D.. habis kena baham diorang :D

Memeljoan ~ ya, sinang ja bah ni,Mel. try la..hihi..

Ken.MrsGraig~ hehe,,sinang ja.bah, try la

NickPhillips ~ i think got 1 or 2 lagi in the fridge..hihi..

UmmiRosma ~ :) i'm sorry dear, I don't know. I never tasted it before..just in case you got confused, i'm not from Sarawak nor do i live there :)

Jess ~ kabar baik..sori ah, lama tidak drop-by at your blog..

reanaclaire ~ aiyo, might only? hihi...

Nessa ~ ya, sinang ni..try la

Evelyn LG ~ hehe..besa la bah tu kalu ada a few kids in the house..sikijap ja lesap suda. silap-silap yg tukang buat pun tida sempat rasa..hihi..

Yum2.. nanti sa buat ni hehe

Oh..this recipe no need baking huh. Looks delicious. :)

Ninie Jane ~ buat la.. :)

Mummy Gwen ~ yup, no baking needed. :)