MV Doulos, Bedtime routine and Raya – A ‘rojak’ post

Finally, I managed to visit MV Doulos, the floating bookstore for the very first time last night. 3 days before it is scheduled to depart KK. Nasib baik sempat pigi…hehe…Despite Doulos’ several visits to KK, hubby and I had never step on board of the ship. Kesian kan… :)

As expected, the books available are limited already and the Special Offer Books section was closed. Well, looks like we were not the only late birds flocking by. There quite a number of ppl coming in when we arrived at 8.30pm. Or perhaps they came for their 2nd or 3rd visit …hahahaAnyway, we didn’t leave empty handed. We bought 2 hardcover storybooks for Vanessa. Of course, she’s too young to read, so most likely mommy will do the reading. I’ll try to read her one of the story in the Bedtime Stories for her tonight. Hopefully, she’ll like this new routine. Currently, I have to lulled her to sleep by singing her favourite nursery rhymes, i.e Little Indian Boys, Are you sleeping?, Pussycat, pussycat and London Bridge is falling down. Normally, I get to repeat the medley for at least 3 times until she falls asleep. *faint* If she dozed-off after that, then I’ll consider myself lucky. I'm spared from singing a round of an additional song, the ‘Happy Birthday’ song …phew

Okay, yours truly is already in holiday mood. *grin* Am now impatiently counting the hours, 2 more hours to go and off me go for a - 4 days break. Yayyy!!! In the spirit of 1 Malaysia, I would like to wish all of you, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, happy holiday and selamat berkunjung ke rumah-rumah terbuka! :)


better lagi u mama,lngsung blum jejak kaki lagi pi kapal Doulos. :)

happy hols mamamia... hv a great one.. :)

:) rajinnya ko bellik buku kan Mia.. Bagus lah tu..nanti anak pun rajin membaca lain kali

It's good to start nurturing our kids at very young age, I'm started to introduce some very basic words to my baby.

I've added u in my blogroll & Happy Holiday to u & family!

Alamak! sy miss again the ship o..

I'd been there's a place where u can also meet people from different nation...
Have a wonderful holiday...3 cheers! Take Care

bedtime stories. like the plot!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

Carmel ~ hehe....ada lagi bah Doulos tu next yr..

Lontugi~ :)

KaDusMama~ntah la Ty,kiut2 bah ilustration dlm buku budak2 ni..trus hati pun gatal mau bili..hehe..harap2 gitu la,Ty :)

Dora~ i agree with you,Dora. Thx for adding me..will add you in my blogroll as well. :)

Adora ~ hehe..nda pa..ada lagi tu next time..

HoneyBuzzin ~ ya, the crew are all freindly ppl :)

SJ ~ :). will drop by soon. Thx for visiting..

Haven't been to Doulos for a long time. Used to love going on board to buy the books. Ya...when my daughter was small, I had to tell her stories every night - one after another even though I was so sleepy and I had to hum "Lullaby" to get her to sleep - other songs no effect! LOL!!!

Looks like Vanessa will by 2 in a week or so, so Happy Birthday to her. What are your plans? Planning a big birthday party?

Sia pun nda pernah p tu Doulos.

Sia pun kasi nyanyi jg c rayyan time mau kasi tdo dia.. bnyk kali jg sia repeat mia.. Nda kisah la lagu apa. Janji dia tertidur. Hahahah...

So, mcmana rutin bedtime stories ko?

Sia blum pernah tepigi tu Doulos. Btul2 murah ka books di dalam kapal tu?

Mogot po ko rajin baca bedtime stories. Sia dulu nyanyi lullaby seja taim2 diorang baby, bila suda basar inda rajin suda :(

STP ~ There are a lot of children books on Doulos. LOL..i think all parents will get to experience humming lullaby to theirs kids.

Yup, my girl will be 2 in a few more days.Getting naughtier day by day.

Big bday party? No la, STP. I'm thinking of throwing her a small bday party only. :)

Just ~ hehe..kdg2 kita sendiri pun mo tertidur dgr tu nyanyian..

aisey, belum berjaya lagi tu rutin,Just. Sia masi lagi kasi nyanyi dia time tidur.

Nessa ~ kira murah juga la compare to kedai punya price. itu buku Bedtime Stories,RM24 and the other one,RM32..hardcover & the ilustration inside pun cantik2.

sia baru mo try2 kunun kasi baca bedtime story tapi anak sia mcm nda suka pulak,dia mau juga kana nyanyi..:)

wah nak kena nyanyi dulu yer, bary tido.. masukkan la video, nak tgkkkkk hihi

Rugi ko ndak terpigi tu bahagian special offer.. sana tu butul2 murah. Any 3 items for only RM20. Sya ambil CD dan dua buku tabal. Kira sangat murahlah... Blm abis lagi sya baca tu buku :) My daughter balik2 lagi bawa pi Doulos tp malas sdh sya mau pigi. That day masa kami pigi sana, my mum called. She warned me not to bring the children there as she was afraid of the H1N1 virus. Dasar keras kepala, kami pigi juga bah. I even prayed for protection from H1N1 before boarding the ship :) Thank God we are ok.

oh I've visited this ship (in Tawau) when I was a kid!!!

Nurhayati ~ hahaha...i sound like the chipmunks la time menyanyi...

Ornest ~ next time Doulos datang lagi,sia misti mo pigi awal2 spy dapat tu special offer. Your mom tidak bising ka ko melanggar perintah? :)

Monica ~ :)