There's something about Tessie

Yay! Hubby came back from Sandakan last night. I thought I was dreaming when he called me to open the door. It was already midnight okay, so yes, I had dozed-off to my imaginary home in Arizona…LOL.

Hubby didn’t come home alone. He brought company with him, in a box. An adorably cute 4 months old Terrier named Tessie. The name was given by her previous owner, since it suits her well, we decided to keep it. :)

When Vanessa saw her, she was smitten with Tessie that she immediately went to stroke Tessie’s brown coat. And being a friendly puppy, Tessie was more than happy for her new friend’s welcoming gesture. Same goes with Vanessa. She giggled happily when Tessie responded with a lick on her palm. Hehe… Tessie must have worked on her charm for she won my mom’s seal of approval in a split second. Wow,that's record! Welcome to the family, Tessie! *smile*

I sure hope that she will be able to get along with my 3 other dogs and vice versa. And of course, the 3 cats in the house too (especially my mom’s)..hehe..


Oh My God! What a cute lil doggy :D

Eventho i already have nearly 10 dogs in both keningau and penampang home...i can never get tired looking at cute adorable dogs. Tessie is one charming Terrier. Mcm sia pun mau peluk2 si Tessie :)

Arghhhhhhhhhh...sia jeles! I lost such dog 2 years ago....!

Oh no... I want a dog too! sob sob .. but I can't. Mcm ni la kalau tinggal di apartment.. I really wish to have one..

Nick ~ Thx,Nick. I'm going to get her a basket to sleep in like your Pebbles..:)

cheguCarol ~ 10 dogs? banyaknya tu,Carol. Hehe..nanti sia tulung ko peluk ah, itu pun kalu anak sia kasi chance..

MOB ~ bah, apa lagi Mouren pigi la tangkap 1 sana Gaya Street bah this mahal bah gia harga anjing sana, Sandakan murah..

Evelyn LG ~ alala...kesian ko kan, tida bulih piara anjing bah gia klu tinggal apartment

Evelyn LG, sama la kita.. I also want to keep a dog here but rules and regulation apartment nie, cannot keep any pet except fish haha.. Neeways, comeell la your puppy, sy minat color dia..

wah, syok oh, got pet already!

wah mia, kiutnya tu puppy...mintaaaa...eheheh

wow..your house so many pets? i have lots to do with my one doggie.. :)

Cute doggy. OMG new pet ;)

Wah so cute.. I cant have a dog since I live in apartment.. huhuu

Oh this Terrier is so lovely! Wow u have 4 dogs + 3 cats in the hse, will there be a fight of cats & dogs?...

Anyway, drop-by here & love to read your blog. Happy Weekend!

ohh tessy is such an adorable dog! ble flying kiss ka sama dia? hehe.. gerigitan sa tingu dia depan screen saja..

Mia!!! U hv a terrier??? punya cute! I hv to go to my fren's salon to play wth her terrier..kasian kan? sob sob.. aftr my Rocky passed, phobia suda sia. I dont thnk I can handle losing a pet again :(
p/s: ur other dogs ndak jeles ka wth Tessie???

So cuteee... and manja pulak dia sama c Mia hehe...

Haha, Mia, maksud sya c Vanessa bah...

I lost my Tiger, but you got your Tessie. Sob sob...

Hi Tessie.. woof! woof! :D

Sia gerigitan nampak doggy cam ni... mo kana sisir2 bulu dia ni hari2 :)

MissSab ~ aisey, kesian la penghuni apartment ni. :) Bulu si Tessie macam teh C oh kan, tu la pasal nama dia = Tessie..hihi..

Jasica ~ hihi..kesiokkan bah si Van-van tu, sikit2 mau main sama puppy..

memeljoan ~ hehe..nanti si Laci ko mangaus tu kalu ko ada new pet..

reanaclaire ~ ya lor, Claire..animal-friendly household mah..:)

maslight ~ yup, new pet,Massy. :)

CAB ~ ini satu lagi penghuni apartment. apa bulih buat la Alv..sabar ja la. :)

Dora ~ Tq for dropping by, Dora.
So far, no major dogs vs cats fight yet. occasionally, the dogs will chase after the cats, but nobody get hurt. hopefully, it'll stay that way. :)

AnnieMing ~ hihi..itu baru dlm gambar, kalu nampak in real life lagi ko gerigitan mangkali,Annie. :)

MissMathew ~ i remember si Rocky yg garang itu. Aiya..u still mourning his passing ka smpi skrg,moi? u better get yourself a new dog la. ada poh bikin bunga2 di ruma bah.. :) So far, the others jeling2 saja, teda juga la pigi lawan si Tessie..

ChocMintGirl ~ haha..sampai ko tersasul ah..geng karas bah tu budak licil sama tu puppy..

LittleInbox ~ ha?? oh dear,sorry for your loss. :( i havent visit your blog for quite some time...i miss about Tiger's passing.

Nessa ~ kalu kana sisir pun sikijap ja trus serabai lagi balik bulu dia tu. :)

woooww...such a cute dog..i never tired of dogs....and sa dog died a day after my wedding day..kesian dia sebab sa abaikan dia for 1 week and maybe she said, ill and not eat..huhuhu

alamak Vienne, misti dia merajuk tu..kesiannya.