When Cupid and Tiger arrive together ...

The official day for love and affection, Valentine’s Day and the first day of the Chinese New Year – Year of the Tiger falls on the same day this year, 14th February, 2010. It is only the third time since 1900 that Chinese New Year (CNY) has fallen on the same day as Valentine’s Day. The next time it’ll happen again is in the year 2048!

The entire Year of the Tiger is suggested to be filled with passion and capable of great love. Chinese or non-Chinese alike, let’s take this advantage to express our love to family and friends or even deepen our love with our significant half. :)

*smile* Tomorrow, I’ll be off to my in-laws to celebrate CNY. So here’s wishing you GONG XI FAI CAI, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY and HAPPY HOLIDAY as well. May this year be an prosperous year for all of us.


hey.. cute pictures u have here.. gongxi gongxi to you too.. stay beautiful and healthy!!

Wishing u a Happy Chinese New Year..hope u have a great time with ur family ^_^

interesting info! happy CNY!

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Thanks for your new year greetings:) Happy Lunar New Year to you!

Thanks for your new year greetings! A Happy Lunar New Year to you too:)

Gong Xu Fa Chai Mia... Ba, bnyk la angpow c Van2??

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GongXiFaCai and Happy valentine to u sis..

Maybe it's the fun loving and peaceful, TIGGER the pooh, we are expecting this year...

Happy CNY and V-day too

reanaclaire,SJB,Kniedaz,wenn,Denesa,HoneyBuzzin,CAB,Wyne Ren ~ Thank you for the wishes! Hope you all enjoyed your CNY and holiday!

Just ~ hehe..ada la sikit rezeki si Van2 tu,Just.. :)

melandria ~ thank you! i'll be glad to follow your blog.

oh, i love contest. i'll visit you soonest possible. :)

Hi Mama Mia, Happy new year to you and family.
What a nice coincidence, Valentine day and CNY.
The next time it comes together again, I don't think I'll be around to celebrate it, ha ha.
You have a great year and stay young, Lee.

hi, Uncle Lee. :) if I'm still around in 2048, I'll be a grandma by then..

Happy Belated Gong Xi Fa Chai and Valentine day to you and family..:D