The hunt for Chinese costume

I’ve learned my lesson. Next year, I will decide early on whether to buy ready made cheongsam or custom made cheongsam for my girl. This year, I wanted to dress her in a red cheongsam but because of my indecisive/procrastinating, I couldn’t find one that fit her well. Yeah, I know, procrastinating is bad but like they said, bad habit dies hard. *smile* Next year, Mommy will get you a cheongsam, my dear.

After searching high and low at all the shops in Donggongon, Segama , Centre Point, Wisma Merdeka , I still couldn’t find her the right one. They were either a size too big or too small or they were not red in colour. Finally, we found this samfu at Servay Hypermarket, Putatan on 12th Feb. Just in time. Well, it’s not cheongsam but I guess, we were lucky enough to find this red samfu and the size is just ngam for my little girl…phew...

Though it’s not mandatory to wear Chinese costume during CNY, but children looks so cute in them. Besides, even without them saying so, I know FIL and MIL would love to see their granddaughter in one. *smile* It’s not everyday that you get to see them wearing such costume…

Alright, answering Just and Mouren’s bonus question, “How much angpau did Vanessa get this year?” *smile* Not as much as last year. But, I’m not complaining. Whatever the amount is, I am grateful for Vanessa’s rezeki. No doubt that all her angpau money will go into her saving. Most (if not all) parents will do the same, right? Or, you have better idea on how to manage your kids’ money? *smile*


wa...liang moi ooo....and so adorable.

HoneyBUZZin ~ wow..that was so quick of you,girl. Baru saja publish, terus kena komen..hihi..

Thanks,Honey. Susah betul mau tangkap gambar ni amoi kici..nda pandai diam..

Aw..she looks so cute in it. I couldn't find nice cheongsam for Gwen too.

She looks so pretty in her red Chinese costume!! I wish I had a daughter. sigh.....

Thanks for your well-wishes. :)

Asalkan ada kan heheh. Memang cute juga lah (^_^).

oh yeah your lovely daughter really looks cute and adorable in that chinese outfit!

Buy education insurance...

Alalala cumilnya si Vanessa hehe.. On Angpow tu, simpan ASB atau masuk SSPN ja la if me hehehe...:D

Cuteeeeeee!!! Besar sudah Van oh kan..This year my kids teda pakai traditional costumes oh..
Apa mau buat sama angpau? Simpan dalam ASB..banyak sikit bunga dia.. :D

wah sangat comel pakai cheongsam.. nak belikan tuk zara gak la..hihi
duit raya zara still lagi simpan kat umah.. blom lagi masuk dlm bank.. huhu

Vanessa is adorable in that costume hehehe

as for the angpow...i've invested them into my children's ASB

Amoy butul oo c Van2! Hehehe... Selipar jipun tu yg nda tahan mia. Heheheh..

Tepa.. next yr ko cari awal2 aaa.. :D

MummyGwen ~ Thanks. Gwen looks cute in her costume too.

ECL ~ Thanks for the compliment. I guess, that's the best thing about having a daughter, there's more choice of costume/style compare to boys.

About the well wishes, you're most welcome.

SJB ~ ya bah, asalkan ada. Cannot be too choosy la bcos salah sendiri juga kan..lambat mencari..hehe..

jenn_US ~ thank you for visit,Jenn. :)

STP ~ that's a good idea too.

Nora ~ Tq,Nora. Van2 belum qualify buka ASB bah, under 12 kan jadi i settle for ASW ja la. Tinggi juga bunga berbanding savings di bank.

KaDusMama ~ ya, besar suda dia. Kalu mau buka ASB, misti mau tunggu umur 12thn dulu. Tapi ASW pun good enough bah.

Nurhayati ~ cepat2 la masuk dlm bank supaya dapat interest..hihi..

InobongProper ~ Thanks for the compliment,Phil.

Mau tunggu Vanessa 12 thn dulu ni baru bulih buka ASB. :)

Just ~ hahaha..sayang butul kama dia tu selipar jipun tu..kadang2 mau pigi jalan2 di kedai pun dia mau pakai tu..

misti mau cari awal2 ni next year..hihi..