Of TV and food...

If you get a chance, would you like to be on TV? Well, I do. I don’t mean like being an actress or model or something…but just to be seen nationwide on TV would be enough. I’m not that desperate, okay. I am just curious. How would it feel to see myself on TV? Would I look different? Yeah...those sorts of things…hehe…

My wish would have came true last month if only I comply to RTM’s #1 rule of ‘Strictly no showing of legs”. I blew-up the chance of a lifetime by wearing a knee-length skirt that day. I could have worn long pants on that day if only I’ve known earlier of such a chance. Nobody to blame but myself..hehe… I didn’t ask further when Cousin A told us that there will be a group of West Malaysian coming during the gathering. I should have asked who they were… Oh, the prohibition also applies on the guys. Hehe...kesian la angkol-angkol / kazen mazen lelaki yang pakai seluar pendek…mau pigi magagung pun tida boleh. Punah harapan diorang mau masuk TV.

I only found out about them being RTM TV1 crew for their magazine-style program called Panorama. Uncle B (Mom’s big bro) house has been chosen by as the location for the shooting of a short documentary on our Kadazan Dusun traditional food and culture. There was no exact date on when this particular episode will be aired but according to the director, give or take, 3 months after the day of shooting. That means the episode will be scheduled to air sometime in July.

Okay, I hardly watch the shows on TV1. Why? Let’s just say that the shows on other channels are more interesting. (No offends). But for this particular episode, I’ll make an exemption. I am excited on the idea of watching familiar faces, people I know personally on TV.

These are some of our traditional food/dish that I have taken that day. Some of them are
rarely served nowadays.


Good to hear that ur cousin has the opportunity to show some local delicacies on Tv. Interesting...

aduiii beliur sa nmpak suma tu makanan esp yg bawah2 sudah....

Odoi odoi terliur2 sa nampak makanan ko nie. I luv those foods very very much. Jarang bah dpt makan mcm nie. Wish i was there dapat makan tu makanan sumua hahahaha. Apa punya program kana on air ni nanti di TV mana. bah kalau dpt info, bila kana on air nie program kasih khabar2 lah buli juga tumpang tingu di TV.

Drool! Drool! All the food looks so nice. I've never eaten Kadazan food...but some look similar to ours here. Hope to get to sample someday... Too bad you're not going on tv, otherwise I would be able to see you...

Best juga oh kan boleh buat begini ni. Tengok saja tu makanan semua pun memang local punya masakan hehehe. Mesti ada hinava tu kan. Eeee terliur saya oh ingat hinava hahahah.

Wow, yummy Kadazan dishes. Hope to try them out when I going to Sabah.

eh..got such restriction one??? sigh.. thanks for letting us know.. we might be on tv too one day.. hahaha.. just kidding!

HoneyBUZZin ~ yes. its not very often that we get to see our traditional delicacies on TV..

chegu carol ~ hehe..masakan yg simple tapi sedap..

Rosc ~ di TV1, nama program - Panorama.belum ada lagi exact date for this particular episode. bah nti sia kastau bila dpt exact date suda..sia pun nda sabar mo tingu ni..hihi..

STP ~ someday you will be able to sample our food, STP. yep, too bad i missed the chance..:)

Rose ~ you get to eat these kind of food everyday here,Rose except in the kampung. however, some tour operator includes sampling of Kadazan traditional foods in their tour pacxkages..

SJB ~ hinava? itu misti wajib tu cuma sia nda tergambar mangkali tu..

reanaclaire ~ i didn't know about it until that day,Claire. hehe...who knows,Claire? maybe you will someday..promoting Ipoh's foods on TV.. :)

dui.. kesedapan!!!.. btw, terketawa juga sia .. tingu tu nama2 makanan.. hehehe.. miss home sudah ni..

OMG......suma pun kegemaran sa...adededede.....nyummmmm...nyummmmm...bahagia bila dpt makan local pnya food...

I've been on TV a few times, not that fun. I was nervous and looked so stiff. :D

Hi mama mia,

wahhh ni semua makanan tradisional Sabah ka ni hehe..kebanyakan sia tidak pernah nampak oo..but look delicious juga.

Panorama tu macam dokumentari ala-ala majalah 3 tu. Sia pernah juga tengok few time. Bah, kalau mau on air sudah, hint-hint la saya, sia mau tengok...:D

I was given the opportunity to be interviewed on a TV show years ago.

At the end, my interview was featured but I requested for a stand-in instead..I was too shy to be seen on TV:(