It’s been a while since my last post. But I am still alive. Sorry guys for the lack of update and not visiting your blog lately. One of reason of my absence is the interruption of internet services in our office. Yeah, I am using the company’s facilities but not to the extent of abusing the office hour ya…*wink* Oh, I do have Streamyx at home but my 'ancient' desktop rosak la pula…arrgh!

Let’s see, there are too many issues happening in our company these few months. Re-structuring is one of the main issues. The top management has resort to drastic cut-down in operation cost…forcing our main office and branches to move to the other subsidiary office. To make things worse, the management only gives one week notice to the staffs about the relocation. *headache* This re-structuring thingy has also caused a number of staffs losing their job especially the contract staffs like moi. Yes, I am going to be one of the thousands of unemployed in the country in two more weeks. I am having mix feelings on being unemployed.

Though Hubby said he is okay with it, I am still worried that it will burden Hubby for he will have to bear all the monthly installments of loans, utilities and the household expenses. On the other hand, another part of me can hardly wait for my last day of work! I found myself wishing that the last day will come quicker than it should be. I think I am excited to be a full time homemaker.

It’s quite a coincidence, all these happenings…my maid just went back to Indonesia for good and I am going to be out of job soon. This is sort of like a perfect opportunity for me to try being a full time homemaker! But seriously, am I really ready to become one? Well, I will never find out if I don’t give it a try, right? *smile* So, I am taking it one day at a time. Hopefully, everything will be fine.


glad to see u back in blogging.. i guess sometimes we r very busy with our own personal life.. take care..

Being unemployed is something that I can't afford at the moment. But since your hubby is ok with it and somemore the maid issue.. nda pa la.. ko rilex ja la dulu d rmh. Nnt kastau sia apa feeling dia being a full time housewife kio.. :D Yg penting, keep on blogging..

Saya lagi ni tidak lama lagi mahu balik kerja sudah eeee malas betul. You tahu lah mahu 1 tahun cuti beranak kan kira terlampau banyak cuti lah tu terus malas bah. Kadang terfikir juga tidak mahu balik kerja tapi saya mahu juga kerja hahah apa lah tu kan?.

Bah good luck k.

Bah... palan2 ko ah. I'm truly sori to hear you will be unemployed soon. Maybe it's for the better... sometimes ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian urang bilang.

Things will be fine, have faith :) Take care.

Hi .. Sorry to hear about the news.. Tapi inda pa bah kan.. hubby bilang OK.. :) Dun worry too much ya, you take a good care.

hai mia, sy pn macam Just nie.. cannot afford to be unemployed.. hehe tapi apa pun i know you can be the best homemaker.. dpt spend more time with ven2 and hubby hehe.. anyway, all the best to you..