Outing at the beach

Vanessa has been pestering about playing with her new toy (a kite), since her dad presented it to her a week ago. It was an ‘ole-ole’ (souvenir) hubby brought back from his month long work in Terengganu. The little girl was fascinated with the bright colours of the kite, shaped like a fish.

Hubby’s around. The weather’s terrific. A perfect day to spend quality time at Tanjung Aru Beach. So off we went to the beach last Saturday. The trip was supposed to happen on the Easter Sunday but something came up that we had to postpone it. Nasib baik my little girl tida merajukhehe

We purposely opted to go to the Third Beach as it was less crowded there. Easier to fly the kite without the worry of bumping to other people. For those who are not familiar with Tanjung Aru Beach, the beach is divided into three main sections, the First Beach (near Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort), Second Beach (the main beach where restaurants and food stalls are located) and the Third Beach.

This part of the beach is a bit secluded but accessible by car. Obviously, the bumpy road is not a problem since it has its fair share of visitors, families as well as bride & groom-to-be. There were two couples doing their wedding photoshoots that day. We stayed until the sunset was over. It has been a while since I last watch the sunset at Tanjung Aru Beach. The sight is as beautiful as ever. :) It is always a pleasure to watch the sun disappears below the horizon.


I thought playing kite near an airport is prohibited, especially that 3rd beach is so near with the airport runaway.

I can't remember when's the last time I went to the beach. The sunset been beautiful lately but I dun have time to drop by anywhere to take photo.

Anonymous ~ I didn't see any sign board about the prohibition. anyway, we didn't fly the kite that high..:)

maslight ~ been super duper busy lately,Massy? :)

Adoi...rindu saya ni Tg.aru beach bah..huhu apa boleh buat kan hehehe.

Memang ngam bah main kite di sini ni. Coz banyak angin kan.

Anyway, nice pictures.

Beautiful! That's one reason why I love KK! All the beaches and the sea in West Malaysia come nowhere near... Great food too, but a bit expensive. KK people all so rich! LOL!!!a

Ya Mia.. Santik2 tu pic yg ko ambik..

Siok kan sekali sekala bw anak p main2 ni.. :D

I visited Second Beach before. The kite is very beautiful. My gal has few kite before in the past, but all torn and never had chance to fly in the sky! And she used to pester her dad to bring her to beach to fly kite but those days were gone. hahaha!

SJB ~ kesian ko,Sue..bah, next time balik KK lagi..cari la masa p Tg Aru beach..

ya,mmg ngam main layang2 di pantai. kuat angin,senang mau kasi terbang tu layang2.

really? thanks.. :)

STP ~ KK is the best! don't know la why the food so expensive...:)

Just ~ the sunset mmg cantik bah ..wpun quality gambar dr hp ni nda seberapa, cantik juga jadinya..

ya, ni first time ni si Van2 jejak kaki di beach..

Rose ~ nowadays we hardly see kids playing with kite.. :)

wah seronoklah si kecil tu dapat main kite..

:-) That was sure a fun family get together activity. Seldom suda ada kite macam tu kan, so all the way dari T'ganu, worth it juga. Nice pix and yes, we have beautiful beaches. ;-)

What a fun outing. Flying kite at the beach. Nice sunset pics.

When you mentioning about tg.aru beach baru sia realized lama sudah ndak p sana. It's time...hehehehe

First of all.. Hi!! lama sia inda masuk blog bah..
Bila siorang balik.. Tg. Aru beach ni mesti ada dlm list.. especially my kiddos.. pasal masuk air No.1! :D..

Kniedaz ~ memang seronok,Kniedaz..mulut dia tak berenti bercakap bila nampak layang-layang dia terbang..:)

ChocMintGirl ~ sia nda pernah nampak layang2 gini kena jual di KK. :) It was thoughtful of hubby to buy his little girl one.

Rosc ~ yeah,Rosc..pigi la kalu ada masa..

Evelyn ~ Hi,Eve! Misti ko sibuk tu kan, tu la teda masa mau blog or blogwalking..

wah, anak2 ko ni memang minat air ni..

Mia, sy suka betul tu gambar sunset. Anyway, nice photos you have there... Mau try ambik gambar mcm tu nanti...ahaks!

Wyne@Ren ~ pemandangan sunset tu memang cantik. Wyne, pigi la bah Tg Aru..hjg minggu ka..and snap banyak2 gambar..bulih share2 di blog.. :)

Wuii, lama sia inda pigi beach ni. Cantik ba beach di Tg Aru... sia paling suka tingu sunsets... tapi kekadang sia pandai sedih kalau di beach :(

Nessa ~ sedih? hmm..misti ada kenangan ni kan...