Driving his victim around...

It was one of the headlines on yesterday's edition of the Daily Express.Of course, there are other news with bigger headline, but this one sure caught my attention. The story was about a road accident in Petagas, a mishap which can happen everyday..but a little twist in it.

A motorcyclist died when he crashed his motorbike onto the back of a van. His body was thrown off his bike and landed inside the van. The van's driver panicked when he saw the body inside with the legs sticking out from the rear windscreen of his van.

It's unbelievable how people react when they got panicked. ( Ya lah, who wouldn't panic when there's a dead man inside your car?? If me pun, sure panic punya...palis2, touch wood, don't want any dead body in my car!) So panic was the driver that he drove off the crime scene (yes, with the dead body inside, legs dangling) fearing that passers-by may try to harm him. Can you imagine, a van was driven around town with a dead body inside? Yikes!

I would say that this guy has landed himself in a triple trouble, bcos:-

  1. causing the death of a man (if it wasn't his fault, why would he so afraid of being beaten-up?);

  2. fleeing the crime scene; and

  3. could not find the police station (PS).

The guy claimed that he had driven straight to Putatan Town, looking for a PS, only to find that the PS was closed. Obviously, he did not know that the PS has been relocated and he could not find the new one . * sigh*

Only then did he stop, left the van with the body inside to seek help from nearby restaurants. One tauke called the police and the guy was detained. Later on, he was released on bail. Case is still under investigation, as at yesterday.(Oopps...was not aware of any update...didn't buy a copy of the paper today...*wink* )

If only this guy stopped earlier and report the accident to the police, he wouldn't have to go through the fuss of trying to look for the PS...saved him the time, energy and $$$ (due to fuel consumption).


Budu jg kan?? Tp, panik butul ba sdh tu kan... hope he learns something from the incident..

OMG!! If i were him pun pengsan already see dead body in my car oh..I don't think i will be able to think the smartest way handling the situation if i had to enounter this kind of incident..kalau sia pun, cabut lari kali..ekekee