A peak at our culture

This post has been long overdue. It is the continuation of this one.

These are the traditional equipments used in paddy planting. We can hardly find these equioments nowadays,let alone see them in use. The functions has been replaced by modern equipment that are more efficient in terms of time and energy. Nevertheless, I consider myself very lucky because I have had several hand-on experience on them way back when I was a little kid (in primary school, if not mistaken) and my parents were still planting paddy.

The name of these unique equipments :-

L-R : "kikizapan" (literally translated as 'fan' or 'kipas' in Malay) and "ragus" (sorry, I don't know the translation for this one in English and Malay...hehe..) .

The "laadu" (again, I don't have the translation for this one) and "su'ud" (literally translated as "comb" or "sikat"). The ragus, laadu, and su'ud will need the help of a buffalo and a skilled farmer to function well.

The "inai-inai" (aunties) enjoying their friend's performance of the "kudian" (accordion). Seldom can we hear this type of instrument these days...well, except at Gaya Street every Sunday. There are a band of talented blind street musicians playing the accordion besides the guitar, harmonica and tamborines. And there can sing a variety of songs too. :)

The 2nd photo was the photo session showing lovely Kadazan ladies of different ages clad in traditional costume, "boludu" or "morudu". Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the costume got its name "boludu" from the type of the black cloth it was made of, which is velvet or "kain baldu" in Malay. "Why only got photo session for the ladies only?" Well, there were photo session for the guys too but I mistakenly deleted it from my camera. No discrimination involved ya...hehe...

There were two different "magagung" (beating of the 'gongs') sessions held. The first session was performed by the guys team and the second by the ladies. Bulih tahan kama tu inai-inai magagung..jangan main-main ah... :)

The "magagung" and Sumazau dance session.

Old cloth with the "koi'ing" (small bells) attached. These cloth were used by the "Bobohizan" (KadazanDusun high-priestess) during the "monogit (blessing/cleansing)" ceromony. I haven't seen this ceremony in a long time. I remember having seen it shown on TV few years back during the live telecast of the Tadau Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) celebration at the KadazanDusun Cultural Association (KDCA) building on 30 May.

In the first photo are other common accessories, the himpogot , tatangkong and pada'ang (sword).The second photo shows the siga (headgear) on the gandang (drum/gendang) besides the baa'di. Some antic brass pots and other decoratives in the third photo.

A close-up of the brass candle-holder and miniature "bakid" (2nd photo) and a few wooden canes with head carves to resemble a snake's head and a "suling" (flute/seruling) among them. The container which the canes are put inside is called "topukon" or "tajau", a large pot made of clay.
And these are random photos of Vanessa...having a closer look at the full set of "tagong" and "kulintangan". As a kid, nothing escapes her curiosity. She wants to look closer and touch everything new to her. :)

And this last photo is of a giant tortoise shell. The tortoise was my Uncle's pet. It died a few years ago and Uncle decided to keep its shell in memory of the tortoise. It makes a unique wall decoration, don't you think so? Okay, that round-up the tour to our KadazanDusun's traditional lifestyle and culture. Its not a comprehensive one but enough to give some info. :)


Good one, Mia! Let the world understand our cultural better...

Hi mama-mia...I didn't really see much of the equipments you have as posted in this entry. Many as you say, has been replaced by modern machines.
I'd been to a friend's field at Penampang(Donggongon) for 'menuai session'..
It was a memorable occasion for me.
Wishing u and family a blessed HARI KAAMATAN 2010.

Wow! That is the big tortoise shell! Great info on your heritage, mamamia.

WyneRen ~ yes,Wyne..we should spread it to the world.. :)

HoneyBUZZin ~ yes,HoneyBuzz. Maybe we'll only get to see these equipments at the museum in the future...Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan to you & family,Honey. :)

Rose ~ yes, it is a big one.

I like the candlesticks. Interesting...

itu kikizapan or kipasan as we call it...when i was 5, sa pernah tu kena trap di dlm. jajal kan, mau juga pigi masuk di dalam mau main...smpai bedarah hidung bah sa panic kena trap di dalam. funny if i ingat now tho.

Tu himpogot bah, mahal tu kalau mahu jual. Tapi mesti yang original lah heheh. Ini pun auntie saya yang kasih tahu.

Waktu tu kawin saya tu. Bah kau tahu lah kan orang kadazan ni, time kawin tu mesti mahu pakai baju kadazan kan?. Ya waktu tu dia balik balik kasih tahu kami jaga tu himpogot bagus bagus jangan suka suka simpan tempat yang tidak tentu hehehe. Betul juga lah bukan senang mahu ni himpogot.

Wah..best oh rindu pulak saya sama kampung di papar :(.

Proud, Nice and good to know our culture uniqueness. Jarang bogia buli nampak items2 mcm you post tu sekarang kecuali pigi muzium tu pun tidak banyak. macam buli jadi mini muzium sudah??? ini masuk TV juga nie apa tu ko bilang dulu "panorama"??

Thanks for ths sharing..I'm Dusun girl but not so familiar with all the mentioned equipment...hehee (bikin malu ja.)..now I'm learning

Very good info mama mia.. Happy Kaamatan to you and family. Even belated sudah hehehehe:D

When reading this post I recalled the "rombongan sambil belajar" during school days! Anyway, it's good to know others culture too :-)

I love these cultural events...